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Student Hub: Getting started

Getting Started

Starting your studies


Welcome to Torrens University Australia and Think Education. We are proud to be your education partner to start, or advance, your career. This page contains information on steps you need to complete to start your journey with us.

Check out the Orientation page to register for your orientation or to watch the latest recordings in your own time.

International students can also watch this helpful guide below to learn how to complete their enrolment

Key first steps


Students working

Accept your offer 

Your offer letter has been sent to the email you listed on your application or to your agent. Follow the steps on your letter to accept your offer finalise your enrolment.

Please make sure you check all the details on your offer letter are correct including course name. If any details are correct either correct them (where permitted) or if you are an international student get in contact with your Agent or if you are a domestic student your Course and Careers Advisor can help you. 

Once you confirm your details are all correct simply complete the payment section and accept your offer.  


Activate your student email

You will receive your student email activation notification within 48 hours after you have completed the step above (accept offer, select fee option and providing all required documentation).  

An email will come from Microsoft Office 365 and contain your student email address and instructions on how to activate your account. This will be sent to the email address you provided when you completed your application. Find out more about your student email.

Important note: All email communications from campus and academic staff will be sent to your student email account. This can include important information about your Week 1 classes. Please check your inbox on a regular basis.  

Download your Student App 

Once you have activated your student email make sure you download our Student App. A one-stop shop to help you stay on top of your subjects, timetable, messages and more. Login with your student email.

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Choose subjects and register for classes

Once you receive and activate your student email head to the Student Portal and click on ‘Subject Selection’ to enrol into your subjects. Refer to your course structure for help on which subjects to choose. Your course structure shows you the ‘map’ of how you will need to select your subjects over the duration of your course.

Find out more about selecting your subjects

International Students

Please note that you are required to maintain a full-time study load. Please check the International Students page for up to date Visa requirements.

Register for Orientation

Your Orientation is designed to help you feel at home and introduce you to your academic teams, support staff and your fellow students. You will also be taken through the support services available to you. Make sure you attend the course-specific sessions that are on offer as well. 

Register for your Orientation session here 

Accessing your Learning Portal (Blackboard)

Blackboard is a course management system that allows you to receive course content in a central location from your learning facilitators. You can access Blackboard by signing in with your student email and password.  

Log in to your Blackboard account here

Get to know your campus

We have campuses over Australia, including Online. Check our your campus via the links below: 

Adelaide Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Online | Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS)         


Need any extra support

We have a range of support services to help you with your studies. Check out the links below to find the right support for you

Support Services | Wellbeing & Diversity | International Student Support


How to enrol as an international student 

Watch this helpful video on how to enrol.

Once you’re enrolled, attend an online virtual support session.

We run online live Zoom sessions to talk to a real person in real time and where you will be guided through:

  • How to login to your learning portal (Blackboard) and attend online classes or access recorded lectures.
  • How to find your lecture day and time.
  • How to find your assessments and internet requirements answer any other questions you may have.

Check the session schedule. All the sessions are shown in Sydney time. To make sure you get the time of the session right you can use the Timezone Converter.

IT requirements

You will need a computer to:

  • access digital learning resources
  • access video and audio recordings
  • submit and complete online assessments
  • participate in classroom discussion and collaboration via online communication and collaboration tools.

Minimum IT requirements for studying online

Computer hardware
  • Access to a desktop, laptop or tablet computer
  • Speakers or headset
  • Microphone
  • Web camera
Operating system
  • Mac users: OSX 10.8 and above
  • PC users: Windows 7 and above

A reliable, high-speed broadband internet connection, with sufficient upload and download capacity.

Contact your internet service provider if you have concerns about your data allowance or internet speed.

Web browser The recommended web browser to access Blackboard (your Learning Portal) is Firefox, in addition some audio PowerPoints will require Google Chrome.

Office software to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Office 365 is available as a free download as part of your student account.

There may also be software required for your specific course. Your Learning Facilitator will advise you of this when you start studying.

Support for you


We are here to help you achieve success in your studies so be sure to take advantage of the expert support services available to you:

  • Student Services are your first point of contact for any questions
  • Your Success Coach team will help you with course progression and connects you to your desired career goals
  • Our MentorConnect Program offers the opportunity for new students to connect with a current student at Torrens University and Think Education.
  • Library & learning services team can help with academic writing, referencing, and using our research databases
  • Our Counselling services are free and confidential and can help ensure you maintain your well-being through your studies

Frequently Asked Questions

What support services and tools are available to help me?

How do we find out who our Success Coach is and how to contact them? 

Success Coaches are typically assigned to you by Week 3. This is when you will hear from your specific Success Coach. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please email your Success Coach and they will get back to you.

I am an International Student, who can I gain extra support from in my first trimester?

We do have International Student Advisors who offer virtual online support sessions daily to Week 4. These sessions include:

  • how to login to your learning portal (Blackboard) and attend online classes or access recorded lectures
  • how to find your lecture day and time
  • how to find your assessments and internet requirements
  • answer any other questions you may have

If the session times don’t suit you they are available for one on one sessions at a time that does.  

Find out more or book a session.

How do I attend my first lecture

Log into Blackboard and watch the Blackboard Overview video, here you will be shown exactly how to attend your first lecture in Blackboard.  If you get stuck or have any questions, attend one of the International Students Virtual Support Sessions. They will guide you through how to attend your online lecturers, find your recorded lectures, how to contact your lecturer and more. Click here to find a full schedule of all their online sessions.

Is there a Blackboard App? 

There is an app you can download on mobile devices called ‘Blackboard’. Please be aware that the mobile application has limited functionality compared to accessing it via a desktop computer.

How do I set up/access my student email? 

You will automatically be allocated a student Microsoft Office 365 account and Outlook email address. 

All communication from campus and academic staff will be sent to your student email account. You must activate your account and check your email regularly or you will miss out on important information about your course. Information about activating your student email account will be sent to your personal email address. Please contact Student Services if you have not received this. 

Your Office 365 account will give you access to the Student App, Office 365 apps online, Outlook (email and calendar), OneDrive (cloud storage), and the ability to download the desktop software for free. Using Office 365, you will be able to email, instant message, video conference, share and edit documents online and much more. Most importantly, Office 365 will enhance the way in which you are able to communicate and collaborate while you study. 

How do I get a Student ID Card? 

Student ID Cards are available to online students upon request. If you would like a Student ID Card, please get in touch with Student Services or visit your local campus with a passport-style photo and the team will be able to arrange this for you.

I haven’t studied in a while, especially online. Where do I go for support?

Studying online may be a new experience for you. It gives you added flexibility and like any form of study, it requires some discipline. There are many support services available to help you get started and stay on track. Your Success Coach, Campus Life Team and Academic Learning Facilitators amongst others are always around to help with anything you need. Be sure to reach out to them!

Questions relating to your course or subjects

When do course materials become available? 

Once you are enrolled into your subjects, the course materials will appear on Blackboard at least one week before the trimester begins. If you still need help, contact  Student Services or Blackboard Support with a screenshot of the error. You can also contact your Library Services Team for help finding additional resources. 

When I’m selecting my subjects, am I selecting them for the study period or the whole year? 

Subject selections are for the upcoming study period only. Subject selections open approximately one month prior to the trimester starting. You will receive an email to your student email address advising that subject selection is now open. 

The maximum number of subjects a student can enrol into for the trimester is 4. A full-time study load is 3-4 subjects and part-time is 1-2 subjects per trimester. 

How do I know what subjects to choose? 

Please ensure you are regularly referring to your course architecture which is available in your Online Hub. To find it on the Hub select ‘course’ then select your faculty and then ‘Your Course Structure’. Your course structure is also displayed when you Register for your classes. Otherwise please reach out to your Success Coach or Campus Life team who can help you with understanding your subjects. 

I want to withdraw from a subject, how do I do so?  

If you are wishing to withdraw from a subject pre-census, you can log into your student portal and go to ‘Subject Selection’ and follow the same actions you used to register for your classes. Once you have entered this section, it will allow you to make changes to your enrolment. To withdraw from a subject, find your subject under ‘Schedule’, then use the drop-down arrow to select ’Drop’ and then click ‘Submit’ to confirm changes.  

I’m enrolled in one subject but cannot drop the subject.  

The minimum number of subjects a student must enrol into is one subject. 

However, if you are an international student, you also need to ensure you respect your visa conditions and may need to do more than one subject. For more information on this contact us.

If you do not wish to study any subjects during this study period, please send Student Services an email with your written request. 

Online Campus and studying online questions

If I’m an Online student can I still go onto campus, or can I do On-Campus subjects?

All students are welcome on campus. If you’re planning to visit campus, please check our opening hours (each campus varies). We look forward to seeing you there! 

Some courses may only be offered online, and others are offered hybrid – meaning you can do both. If you are interested in studying a subject on campus please contact your Student Services team to discuss the options available to you. 

I’m an online student and prefer to use textbooks, is it possible to borrow those from the student library?

Definitely, just visit or contact one of our campuses and one of our Library and Learning Advisors will be able to assist you. 

What Services do I have available to me as an Online Student? 

As an online student, you have access to the full suite of services available to all other Torrens University students. This includes:

My online class does not have a class time on my timetable? Why? 

Your lecturer will advise you in Week 1 in your Blackboard Subject Announcements of the class time.

Online classes are designed to be flexible with your work and life commitments, so you have the option of attending the live session or watching the recording after at a time and day that suits you and your schedule.  

Understanding pre-requisites, co-requisites and co-classes

What is a pre-requisite? 

A pre-requisite subject is where a certain subject must be successfully completed in order to allow you to enrol into another subject. Prior knowledge and skills are obtained in the pre-requisite subject which will allow you to successfully study certain subjects. 

What is a co-requisite? 

A co-requisite subject is when two or more subjects must be enrolled into at the same time. This is as the content of the subjects complement each other and the knowledge/skills in both subjects will allow you to successfully study these subjects.  

What is a co-class?

A co-class is where a subject may either be split over two different times, or certain subjects may require two classes per week due to the amount of content that needs to be covered. You must attend both classes in order to succeed in these subjects.


Universities often use terms and words that you might not be familiar with.

We have alphabetically listed some of the most common words you'll hear and read at Uni. Our glossary will help you understand what they mean.

Join our New Student Community in Blackboard

Our comprehensive New Student Community will help you further understand your online learning environment.

It is open to all new students, but is especially useful for those who study remotely. You'll learn about:

  • Creating a study space at home (or at the office, or at a friend's house!)
  • Your IT requirements
  • Library and learning resources
  • The skills you already have and how they'll help you to succeed
  • Support services just for you

And you'll meet lots of other students in the online forum who are studying with you.

Student travel concessions

Full-time, domestic students studying on campus should be eligible for discounted fares on public transport.

Get in touch with Student Services to apply for a student travel concession card.

Public transport concessions are not usually available to:

  • international,
  • online, or
  • part time students,

Please check with your campus to see if you can apply.

Find more details about transport concessions on your local public transport site.