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Student Hub: Results

Your results

You will receive a final result for each of your subjects at the end of the study period. These are generally released two weeks after the study period finishes. You can find out when your results will be available on the Key Dates page.

Access your final results in your Student Portal.

Please note: individual assessment results will be published on Blackboard, except for final assessments or exam results.

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High Distinction


These are the four main grades assigned at Torrens Australia and Think Education. Check the Assessment Policy for the full guide to grades.

Academic Transcript

You will receive your official transcript when you graduate but you can also purchase one at any time.

Your academic transcript can be used to demonstrate your qualifications or progress in your course so far. You may use it to support job applications, scholarships, further study or professional registration. Please check the Course Completion page to see how to request your transcript. 

Unique Student Identifier

From January 1st 2023, all students studying must hold a Unique Student Identifier (USI) if studying onshore within Australia.

A USI is also required for students to gain their qualification when they complete their studies.

This means, any students who do not have a USI at the time of completion will not be eligible to graduate.

If you do not have a USI, or haven’t provided one to us, please do so as soon as possible. Find out how!

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Relevant policies and forms

Check the Assessment Policy

Academic progression

The Academic Progression Committee assesses academic progression based on your final results achieved in subjects studied in each study period. You will be deemed as achieving satisfactory academic progress if you:

  • pass or meet the requirements of at least 50% of enrolled credit points within a study period, and
  • complete your course within the maximum period of study, if applicable, or by the course end date specified on your COE, and
  • meet any additional progression requirements specific to your course.

Please refer to the Academic Progression Policy for more information.

Special consideration

You may be eligible for a modified arrangement, such as:

  • an assessment deadline extension or examination deferral
  • re-submission, re-assessment or resitting an examination
  • adjustment to assessment results or provision of supplementary assessments
  • a second opportunity to attend a WIL assessment or placement at a different time depending on availability.

To be granted a modified arrangement, you must submit a completed Application for Assessment Special Consideration.

Disputing an assessment grade

If you think an assessment has been marked unfairly or inappropriately you can request to have re-assessed. Your work will be graded again by a different assessor.

For information on when and how to apply for a reassessment refer to the relevant section in the Assessment Policy:

Higher Education courses

  • Refer to Section 11. Requesting a re-mark

Vocational Education courses

  • Refer to Section 10. Requesting a re-assessment

Final Grades

Access your final results in your Student Portal.

If you have outstanding fees you may not be able to access your subject results and academic transcript. 

For further information please refer to Section 10 of:

What is a Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A Grade Point Average is a numerical calculation, based on the credit points and grade points for Higher Education programs. It is based on the grades achieved over a defined study period or course.

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How do we calculate a GPA?

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Where can I see my GPA?

Students at the SSNT Fitzroy clinic

SSNT student GPA info