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Student Hub: Exams

Main exams are usually held in week 12 of the trimester study period.

Check the Key Dates page for the academic calendar.

You must sit your exams at the scheduled date and time regardless of any clash with a planned holiday or event.


If you can't sit an exam due to circumstances beyond your control you must submit an Application for Assessment Special Consideration Form. Refer to the Special Consideration forms and policies section below.

Upcoming exams - Trimester 1 2024


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Special consideration

If you think you are eligible for special consideration you can apply to:

  • extend an assessment deadline,
  • submit a supplementary assessment,
  • re-sit an exam or resubmit an assessment,
  • sit an exam at a later date, or
  • make modified assessment arrangements

Assessment Special Consideration application forms:

Application deadlines

Unless it is impossible to do so, the following deadlines apply:

Exams: If you can't sit an exam due to circumstances beyond your control You must apply within 2 working days of the scheduled exam.
Exams: If there is a clash in your exam timetable You must notify Student Services within 5 working days of the timetable release.
Assessment extensions To request an extension to a deadline, you must apply at least 1 working day before the assessment due date

When are extensions and resubmissions due?

Usually, within 10 working days from the date you are advised in writing that your application for special consideration was successful.

If you seek more than 10 working days your application will be referred to your Program Director for a decision.

Further information is in Section 9 of the assessment policy.

Torrens University Assessment Policy for:

Think Education Assessment Policy for: 

Supplementary assessments and exams

This section only applies to Higher Education courses.

Supplementary assessments and exams give you the opportunity to receive a supplementary pass for a subject you failed if:

A) You attempted all assessments AND recorded a final mark between 40% and 49%


B) You were granted special consideration

It is your responsibility to know if you are granted a supplementary exam or assessment and to be available during the secondary exam period.


If you are eligible for a supplementary assessment or exam the grade 'SUP' will appear against the subject in the Student Portal.

You will also receive an email with further information. This will be sent to your student email account.


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