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Student Hub: Subject Selection



Towards the end of each study period you'll need to select and enrol in your next set of subjects.

Fitzroy Campus SSNT students, please find help on the Fitzroy Student Hub Subject Selection page HERE

Choosing subjects and enrolling

Enrolling into your subjects is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 – Refer to your course structure for what subjects to choose next

Find your course structure here:

Business Design Education Health Hospitality

Step 2 – Log in to My Account

Step 3 – Use the Subject Selection tool to choose your classes

How do I change class times?

To keep studying a subject but move to a class at another time, make changes to your timetable in the Subject Selection Tool in My Account.

How do I change subjects?

You can withdraw from one subject and enrol in another within the Subject Selection Tool in My Account.

Note: Changes made after the census or withdrawal date may incur a cost or affect your academic record - check the Key Dates before making any changes.

Can I change to another course?

To change courses, complete and submit a course transfer form:

Email your completed form to Student Services ( or, or hand it in to your Student Services team.

Do this well in advance to make sure you can start your new course in the next available study period.

Contact Student Services for additional help.

How do I withdraw from a subject?

You can withdraw from a subject by:

Note: Changes made after the census or withdrawal date may incur a cost or affect your academic record - check the key dates first.

Can I take a Leave of Absence?

Taking a Leave of Absence means you postpone your studies while remaining enrolled in your course.

You may apply to take a leave of absence from your course for up to a maximum of 12 months.

Note: If you are an International student you may only apply for a Leave of Absence under compassionate and compelling grounds.

Refer to the appropriate Enrolment and Attendance Policy below for further information:

To apply, you'll need to complete the appropriate Application for Leave of Absence (Deferral) form below:

For further information contact Student Services

Course credit and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have already completed a qualification, or have a lot of relevant professional experience, you may be able to credit this against parts of your studies with us.

You should apply for course credit/RPL as soon as your have your documents available. If you are selecting your subjects for the upcoming trimester and plan on applying for course credit/ RPL, ensure you don't enrol in this/these subject(s).

When you apply for credit please provide us with as much supporting documentation as possible, including:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Copy of Academic Transcript/s
  • Copy of Statement of Attainment/s
  • Course or subject outlines
  • Program of study (including content)
  • Learning and assessment approaches

Application forms:

Deadline for submitting your application

Applications for course credit must be received by Week 2.


As an international student, you'll need to keep these important visa requirements in mind.

As per the National Code 2018 visa requirements, you must:

  • Maintain full-time enrolment each trimester
  • Only study a maximum of one-third or 33% of your course online
  • Complete your course within the timeframe listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

It is also highly recommended that you follow an enrolment pattern that will allow you to finish your course within the timeframe listed on your CoE.

If you have any questions on what subjects to select, chat with your Success Coach.

Students are reminded to seek advice from the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) prior to making any variations on their enrolment as this may impact your Visa.

For more information visit:

Chat to our expert teams:

If you need a hand using your Subject Selection Tool

Student Services

1300 575 803
  Torrens University:
Think Education:;


If you’re not sure what subjects to choose and need help mapping out your course

Success Coach -


Need help?


If you can't find what you're after in the FAQs on this page, we're here to help:

Q: I am enrolled to study on campus, but classes are currently being delivered online. What subjects do I need to select?

It's important that you select your subject as per your normal study mode, whether you are a domestic or international student. This means that:

  • If you are enrolled as an online student, you'll continue selecting your online classes
  • If you are enrolled as an on-campus student, you'll need to select your subjects as if you were still on-campus and attend those classes online at the allocated time

Please note that if you have selected on-campus subjects, you will be moved to on campus study as soon as face to face classes resume.

For the foreseeable future, we will continue to deliver all subjects online to ensure the safety of our staff and students while concerns about the spread of COVID19 remain.

Q: ​I am an international student, so I am only allowed to study one third of my course online. However, all of my classes are currently being delivered online, which means I will exceed this limit. Will this impact my student visa or my ability to graduate?

Due to COVID-19, authorities have provided assurance that exceptions are being made to the usual attendance requirements. This means that there is flexibility around the amount of study an international student is able to do online at present.

As long as students remain enrolled with their provider and the assessment requirements of the course allow it, authorities will be flexible on the location of the student, the mode of delivery, and accept that minimum face-to-face teaching requirements may not be met at this time.

When face to face classes resume, it is expected that some level of restriction to the amount of online study international students are allowed to undertake will be applied from the date classes resume.

Q: I know which subjects to choose, but need help enrolling online

Q: What subjects do I choose?

Q: I'm doing an industry placement - what do I need to do?


COVID-19 updates

​​Will T2 be delivered completely online?

Trimester 2 will be delivered fully online. Let us explain why. Our first consideration is always the health and safety of our students and staff. This consideration will inform our future approach in responding to COVID-19. We will not transition classes back to face-to-face delivery until there is clear public health advice allowing us to do so. Most importantly, we will do so at a time that is least disruptive to your learning.

We are confident that our online education is of high quality and is equivalent to our face-to-face delivery. We feel assured that the quality of our online educational approach, our curriculum and teaching staff will ensure a successful Trimester 2.

I have practical classes (e.g. in the clinic or the restaurant or fashion design draping), how will these be impacted? 

 For classes with combined theory and practical components, we will continue to deliver the theory classes and reschedule the practical classes when the campuses reopen. Where the practical component comprises the majority of the experience, including supervised student clinics, these will resume when the campuses reopen.

All decisions are centered on ensuring we maintain the same high quality of course and subject learning outcomes and meeting graduate professional standards.

We are currently working on a plan for all students who have a practical subject impacted and that cannot be replaced by an online component. There are many different scenarios depending on which subject it is and at what stage of your studies you are, so we ask for your patience while we find appropriate solutions. Your Program Director or Head of Nursing will advise as soon as possible. Please reach out with any immediate concerns. 

As an international student, what are the implications of online teaching for my visa in Trimester 2? 

With classes being delivered online or remotely, this will not affect your Student visa requirements. Because of COVID-19, authorities have provided assurance that exceptions are made to the usual attendance requirements. This means that you can remain in Australia and continue your studies or you can study from your home country. 

As an international student, can I return to my home country and continue my studies from there? 

We understand your concerns, however we can assure you that if you choose to continue studying your course here in Australia, you will be offered an equivalent online learning experience and your study path will not be compromised. 

If you do choose to return to your home country or you already have returned you are able to continue to study online.  The Australian Government Higher Education regulatory body TEQSA has allowed universities to teach their international students online during this period.  You can also check information on the Home Affairs website about student visas.

Courses and subjects

​​What subjects should I select for next trimester?

Check out your Course Structure. This includes a recommended study path for your course which will help you map out what you have already completed and what you have left to complete

Business Hospitality Design Health Education

I want to select the right subjects, who can help?

If you are having trouble selecting from the subjects available, get in contact with Student Services or your Success Coach. They can help you through what is on offer and what is part of your course progression

How can I change my subjects?

You can make changes to your subjects or class times in the Subject Selection Tool located within you My Account page.

Can I change my course?

To change course, you will need to complete a course transfer form. In order to get you into your new subjects on time, complete this form prior to the next study period starting. You can find your Course transfer form below:

How can I withdraw from a subject?

You can withdraw from a subject within the Subject Selection Tool in your My Account page or by letting us know in writing. Make sure you check the Key Dates section prior to making any changes to ensure you understand your financial liability.


Technical help

I am unable to select subjects online, what should I do?

If the Subject Selection Tool within your My Account is not appearing your course may have a different enrolment process. Please contact Student Services for further advice.

I have enrolled into my subjects but cannot see them in Blackboard, what do I do?

Subjects are available in Blackboard in the week before trimester starts. Any changes to your enrolment may take up to 48 hours to appear in Blackboard. If you are still unable to view your subjects after 48 hours please contact Student Services for further assistance.

I cannot log into my My Account/Blackboard, what do I do?

Try resetting your password on the login home page. You'll receive instructions via email to update your details.

If you have already done this and still can't log in click here to send an enquiry to Blackboard Support Team so they can help you.

Timetable help

How do I find out what subjects are on offer this trimester?

Subjects available for study in the next Study Period, are available within the Subject Selection Tool located within your My Account. Please note: Not all subjects are offered every Study Period. 

I want to enrol into a subject but cannot see it on the timetable, what do I do?

If a subject is not available for you to enrol in it is usually because it is not being offered within the study period.

You will need to select another subject within your course.

If no alternatives can be selected, contact Your Success Coach for further advice.

I want to enrol in a subject but it is full, what do I do?

If you find that the subject you wish to enrol into is full, you may have the ability to select waitlist. If you have selected the waitlist option, you will be contacted with any potential updates or new spaces available. To avoid disappointment, we recommend selecting a class with remaining spaces.


How can I get a copy of my Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)?

Access your CAN in your My Account. You will receive a CAN if you pay for your studies using VET FEE HELP, VET Student Loan or FEE HELP.

Log in to My Account and go to your Personal Account section to find all of your CAN documents.

Can I get a copy of my invoice?

Yes. Invoices are available in the Personal Account section of your My Account. Select Fees from the list available to bring up all invoices and credit notes that have been issued to you during your studies. When you enrol into a new subject, you will receive a new invoice.

What is a credit note?

A credit note is formal advice that you no longer need to pay the invoice you were issued for that subject.

You will only receive a credit note if you change your enrolment, such as changing subjects or withdrawing from a subject.

Key dates

When does the next Study Period start?

See the Key Dates section of this site for further information.

When can I enrol into my subjects?

Enrolments open 1-2 months prior to the commencement of the next Study Period.

If you study in a Trimester based course and have not received re-enrolment information by the end of week 9 please contact Student Services

When do I have to be enrolled by?

To avoid missing out, it is recommended you enrol as soon as possible as some high demand subjects will fill up quickly.

If you need to change your enrolment after you receive your results, you can do so in the Subject Selection Tool located in My Account

When is Census Date?

Visit the Key Dates page for Census and other important dates.

Who does census date apply to?

Census Date applies to domestic students enrolled in FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan enabled courses only.

Census Date does not apply to International students. Please see more information on the International student page

Please contact Student Services if you have any further questions.

International Students

How many subjects should I enrol in?

International students are required to study full time

Students are expected to maintain a full-time study load, which means enrolling in at least three subjects per study period, unless on an approved leave of absence.

Your Course Structure will show the typical subject load for your course. For most students this is 8 subjects per year.

How many online subjects can I choose?

In total, international students can study up to one third or 33% of their course online.

International students must always maintain a minimum of one on campus subject enrolment  per study period. Online subjects should be spread across the length of your course and not taken all in one trimester together.

I won't finish my course by my end date, how do I update it?

The maximum time for you to complete your course will be stated on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

We may extend your course duration if:

  • there are compassionate or compelling circumstances
  • you have been identified as at risk of not meeting the course progression requirements and Torrens has implemented, or is in the process of implementing, an intervention strategy
  • you have had a Leave of Absence approved. See more about enrolment changes on the International Students page.

If you need an extension to your CoE, contact Student Services


Course information

Find your Course Structure under your course page: