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Student Hub: Success Coaches

Giving you the edge

Your Success Coach team is here to help you reach your goals. From day one we provide guidance, support, and resources for your academic journey and personal development, focusing on your first year of study to enhance your performance and overall success.

Success Coaches will:

  • induct and orient you to university life - they are highly connected to your university support network
  • get you study-ready - giving tips and advice on effective study habits, time management skills, and organisational techniques
  • get you started with the end in mind - helping you build self-awareness of your natural talents so you can articulate them to become strengths

Welcome to Trimester 3!

We have an exciting opportunity for new and returning students to become part of the First-Year Experience platform, Vygo.

This innovative platform facilitates connections with fellow students and provides access to information about all our workshops, drop-in sessions, and much more. Setting up your account takes just a minute, allowing you to get acquainted with valuable contacts at your university or explore the available support resources.

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Pathway to Success

People excitedly welcoming someone back with open arms

Welcome Back to Uni

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Drop-in Sessions

Success Coaches focus on your study and experience of university life from day one

They help you successfully navigate the educational landscape and build personal and professional capability to improve your employability skills.

Success Coaches:

  • understand your course structure and the university environment
  • provide advice on how your degree program aligns with your aspirations
  • provide expert advice on managing your studies, and connecting with your student community
  • ensure you have access to appropriate support services, including the Academic Success Team, Counselling, Library Services and more

Email the Success Coach – First Year Experience team

Success Coach FAQ

The best people to help you are your Future Student Advisors, or if you are an International Student dealing with an International Future Student Advisor you can chat to them.

Alternatively, you can jump onto the website and select your subjects. Firstly go to the Subject Selection page and choose your course structure. Review the recommended study plan and then select the Subject Selection tool to choose your classes.

Not all subjects every trimester are timetabled. Use the recommended study plan to see if there are any electives or other subjects that you can take. If you do need help deciding, then please contact your Success Coach for a suggested revised study plan.

If you find that the classes you want to take are full, please ensure you place yourself on the waiting list. You will receive an email within seven days informing you if there is a place available. Make sure you have a backup subject just in case. Again, if you need support in revising your study plan, contact your Success Coach.

If you have any queries relating to fees please contact the Student Finance team. You can find more information on the Student Fees page.

Please remember that if you have not made payment by the due date you may lose access to your learning portal (Blackboard) until all overdue fees are paid in full.

For help with login issues and your student email, follow the tips and troubleshooting here.

Don't forget you can contact Student Support on LiveChat or:

For help using Blackboard - Learning with Technology page

There are also Blackboard and Learning Support advisors on each campus, contact your campus directly to make an appointment.

The Success Coach team can certainly help you with strategies for study success in terms of helping you to revise your study plan, directing you towards resources, information and further support.

To discuss your results you can make an appointment with your Program Director. You can find the list of Program Directors on your Course page under each course

  • Transferring to a new course
  • Exiting early from my degree
  • Deferring, taking a leave of absence or withdrawing

Success Coaches do not have the authority to act on requests that involve changes to your course. Any changes to your course must be handled by Student Services. Please contact them directly either at your local campus.