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Student Hub: Student Portal

Student Portal

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What is the Student Portal?

The Student Portal focuses on improving your student experience.

In particular, how you select your subjects, register for classes, view your timetable, check your grades, view invoices and so much more.

To log in to the Student Portal all you need is your Office 365 username and password and your login will be authenticated.

Subject selection

Subject selection is important as it is when you pick your subjects and classes for the next study period.

Find out more on our dedicated Subject Selection page.

CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling continuing students - subject selection will be manually completed for you in Trimester 3, 2022.

Quick reference guides

Your quick reference guides will take you through the functions of your Student Portal.

There will be step-by-step and/or video guides. Click on a drop-down item below for each guide.

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Student portal basics

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Selecting your subjects

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Results and transcripts

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Unique Student Identifier