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Student Hub: Living in Australia

Getting set up

People with luggae waiting for a taxi at the airport

From the airport

Light rail trams in Sydney

Transport & driving

Person opening door of bedroom


Overhead view of a desk with a laptop, mobile phone, router and other tech equipment

Mobile phone & internet

Group of people wearing different work uniforms


Australian money - notes and coins

Money & finance

Three children playing at a childcare centre

Childcare & schools

Australian life and culture

Anxious person standing in a blurred crowd of people

Culture shock

Happy group having a picnic

Connect with community

A happy couple having a drink at a cafe

Relationships, dating & sex

Person at a zoo with a kangaroo

Events & activities

Person riding a bicycle on a busy city street

Bike safety

People swimming at Bondi Beach in Sydney

Beach & water safety

Getting help

Emergency department sign


Group of people working around a table

English language support

Filing drawer with a complaints folder in focus

Complaints & legal help

International student in a counselling session


People filling out forms in an office

Contacting the consulate

International students chatting outside

Other organisations