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Student Hub: Living in Australia

Living in Australia

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Mobile Phone & Home Internet

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Airport, Public Transport & Driving

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Bringing Family to Australia

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English Langauge Support

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Culture Shock

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Banking & Australian Money

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Complaints & Legal Assistance

Useful information

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Cost Of Living

Knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation.

Find out about some of the costs associated with living and studying in Australia (all costs are in Australian dollars).

Food and household products

In Australia, we have many options to purchase food like greengrocers, fruit shops, corner stores, convenience stores and specialty shops. For your main staples, the biggest and most affordable place to purchase is from supermarkets.

Supermarkets are everywhere in Australia so it won’t be hard to find one close to your accommodation. Here are the main ones in Australia:

Sex and Dating Culture In Australia

Person using a dating app on their mobile phone

When we talk about the international student experience, it’s easy to focus on things like academics, visas and budgeting. Sure, these details are crucial to think about to ensure your educational success. But it’s equally important to discuss the things that affect your personal life and wellbeing. In this article, we’ll focus on two of these details in particular: sex and dating. 

Staying safe

Above all else, it’s important to prioritise your safety in your sex and dating life. There are plenty of steps you can take to properly protect yourself. 

Read more about Sex and Dating Culture in Australia

When to contact a consulate or embassy

Contact your country's consulate if you want to:

  • renew or replace your passport or other official documents
  • report to your country any births, deaths, marriages, divorces and adoptions that happened in Australia.

Your consulate may also be able to help if you:

  • are in distress or emergency situations where the Australian authorities cannot help
  • are arrested, seriously injured or a victim of crime
  • need information about social security in your country
  • have questions about national service obligations in your country
  • need to contact your family in an emergency
  • need travel advice for travel to your country.

See the list of consulates on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. Consulates open during normal Australian business hours.

Bike Riding Safety

Keep safe on the roads when cycling.

Learn more about bicycle safety here in Australia

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The Council of International Student Australia (CISA) is the national peak student representative organisation for international students studying at the postgraduate, undergraduate, private college, TAFE, ELICOS and foundation level.

Stay safe at Australian Beaches

Learn how to stay safe when you're enjoying the beach.

Beach with surf lifesaver holding surf board

10 Ways to Improve Your English Skills

Gone are the days of learning being confined to a classroom!

From traditional to creative, here are our 10 favourite ways to practise and perfect your English reading skills.