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Student Hub: IT

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Campus Wi-Fi

Access the free on campus Wi-Fi on your own laptop or mobile device.

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Printing on campus

Find out how you can start printing right from your campus.


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Student email

Blackboard/MyLearn help

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IT requirements

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Cybersecurity & safety

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Design tech guide

Microsoft Authenticator App icon on a mobile screen
Microsoft now requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) for local Office 365 resources every 14 days!

Microsoft Authenticator installed on your phone is the recommended MFA sign-in method. To enable MFA for your account, please follow these steps. When you log in with multi-factor authentication, you will need to select 'Don’t ask again for 14 days'.

You can also set up multiple phone numbers so you won’t have issues logging into a system even if you can’t reach your primary phone. You can update your security verification settings here.

For any other questions, please check our FAQs.


Frequently asked questions

General use computers on campus should always be logged in and ready to use. If a general-use computer is asking for a password, the below passwords can be used to sign in:

  • Windows Computers: Password = Student1
  • Apple Computers: Password = Stud3nt1

If the password does not work, please restart the computer and attempt to log in again. Or alternatively, you can use another accessible computer on campus.

If you get a network error when you try to access any of our student applications, this may be caused by network issues on your mobile device or your internet provider. To check for outages, you can use online tools or check your mobile and internet provider's website. If there are no known outages, please try restarting the device and attempting to access the site again.

If you’re facing any other IT issues not included on this page and you believe this is related to a university platform or service provided, please send an email to Student Services answering the following:

  • What is the issue you’re facing? Do you have any screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing?
  • What were you expecting to happen?
  • Which device/OS are you using? (e.g. iPhone, Windows PC, MacBook, etc)