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Student Hub: Student Voice

Student Engagement in Academic Governance

We believe students can make really important contributions to the quality and relevance of the educational opportunities we offer. We are committed to making sure there are meaningful ways you can be heard and involved in our academic governance activities – that is, making decisions about the courses, subjects, and overall learning experiences on offer.

Our commitment to this is set out in our Student Engagement in Academic Governance Policy. You can read some of the background work that went into developing this policy in the 2021 Student Voice discussion document and the consultation feedback summary.

Check out the information below to see how you can find out more and get involved in activities that will make a positive difference to you, to your fellow students, and to our entire learning community.

Membership of committees

Our Academic Board and Executive Learning and Teaching Committee, at the highest levels of academic governance in the organisation, both have seats for student members.  These committees, and the student members of them, are critical in advancing, overseeing, and supporting a variety of operational and strategic enhancements to academic quality, policy and student learning experiences for all our students.

Students chosen to be members of these committees have the opportunity to observe organisational leadership in practice, develop and demonstrate their own leadership skills, contribute to debates and participate in high-level decision making from a unique student viewpoint.

Student members receive formal recognition for their contributions, one-on-one report-writing assistance (if needed), and mentoring.

We seek expressions of interest to fill these positions regularly, and opportunities will be advertised here when they arise.  You can also contact Academic Governance for more information.

Watch this space

Keep an eye out here as we continue to update this page with other opportunities for you to have your say.

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