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Student Hub: Academic Documents

As a current, soon to complete or graduated student you have access to a number of official academic documents that outline your course progression and completion.

Academic Transcript

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Statement of Attainment

Completion Letter


Document eligibility

These are the official documents you may be eligible to request/receive based on your enrolment status.

Enrolled/Leave of Absence
  • Official Academic Transcript *
  • Official Statement of Attainment *
  • Official Academic Transcript *
  • Official Statement of Attainment *
Completed Pending
  • Official Academic Transcript *
  • Official Statement of Attainment *
  • Completion Letter
  • Official Academic Transcript *
  • Official Statement of Attainment *
  • Completion Letter
  • Testamur **

* An Academic Transcript or Statement of Attainment will only be available once your grades have been published after your first study period.

** Graduation Documents will only be released to students once they have provided their USI and all fees have been cleared.

Requesting official documents

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Current or Graduated students can use the Academic Document Request Portal to request a copy of an official document.

Use single sign on to log in or enter your details directly into the portal.

Select the document type and quantity you need.

Enter your preferred delivery method.

Confirm and pay for your order.

Academic documents can be received one of two ways...

Hard copy

Any hard copy documents will be posted to your preferred address as entered at the time of your request. We post to addresses both within Australia and overseas. Postage rates will be included at the time of your request.

Your request will be reviewed by the university and response time will be dependent on year of study.

Digital copy

If you order a document to be received digitally, it will be uploaded into the My eQuals platform and a user account will be created for you with the email address provided at the time of request.

Learn more about the benefits of using My eQuals.

Number of documents issued per request
Document type Digital copy Hard copy
Official Academic Transcript 1 10
Official Statement of Attainment 1 10
Completion Letter 1 1
Replacement Testamur 1 1
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Important! Before placing an order for an official academic transcript or statement of attainment, please understand that only finalised grades will appear. This will not include grades for a study period that has yet to be completed. 

If you place an order prior to result release, you will need to make an additional request once your results are released. Go to Key Dates for results release.

What is My eQuals?

My eQuals is a platform that has partnered with Torrens University and Think Education to allow us to digitally provide secure and verified documents to students for the first time.

More information can be found at My eQuals FAQ

Verification requests

If you are applying to study elsewhere, apply for a job or require verification of study completed with either Torrens University Australia or Think Education you can now share your academic records including Academic Transcript, Statement of Attainment, Completion Letter and Testamur directly with third parties of your choice from My eQuals.

The My eQuals platform allows students to share their documents with any party of their choice once a document has been uploaded.

If verification is required, simply request a digital copy of your required official document via the Academic Document Request Portal and once uploaded to MyeQuals you can share it directly with whomever you need for as long as you need.