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Student Hub: Safer Communities

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At Torrens University, we believe respecting each other and embracing our differences is fundamental to creating a safer community. So, whether you are a student or member of staff, on campus or online, you have the right to feel welcome and safe at all times. You are also responsible for showing others the same level of care and respect. It is everybody's right and responsibility to make ours a safer community!

All reports are made in the strictest confidence.

Make a report

As a student, you have the right to feel safe and secure at all times and fully participate in all aspects of uni life. If you are concerned about someone or yourself about any concerning or threatening behaviors, you can make a report.

We will support students who make a report, and internal and external options are available. You will find some suggestions and resources to assist listed on this page.

All reports are made in the strictest confidence.

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Make a report here

You can make a report on behalf of yourself, someone else or anonymously, and it could relate to any of the following: 

  • Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment (SASH)
  • Bullying and/or discrimination
  • Harassment and/or stalking
  • Family/intimate partner violence

Refer to the FAQ for more information


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Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment

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Domestic & Family Violence

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Bullying & Harassment