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Final subject results are generally released two weeks after the study period finishes.

You can find out when your results will be available on the Key Dates page. Access your final results in your Student Portal.

Next steps

What is an Academic Transcript?

An Academic Transcript is a formal record of all your units undertaken at the University.
You will receive your transcript when you graduate but you can also purchase one at any time. 

What appears on an Academic Transcript?

  • Name​
  • Student number
  • Student address
  • Course name 
  • College
  • Course start date 
  • Certificate number
  • Subject names and codes 
  • Grades and date attained

What do I need a Transcript for?

Your academic transcript can be used to demonstrate your qualifications or progress in your course so far. You may use it to support job applications, scholarships, further study or professional registration. 

How do I request an Academic Transcript and how much does it cost?

Official Academic Transcripts costs $15.

Requesting a transcript on campus

  1. Complete a Certification Form, with supporting documentation as outlined on the form.
  2. Submit the form to Student Services, and make payment.
  3. Refer to the Processing and Delivery section for time frames.

Requesting a transcript via email

  1. Complete a Certification Form.
  2. Email Student Services and attach the Certification Form, with supporting documentation as outlined on the form.
  3. Student Services will process your request. Refer to the Processing and Delivery section for time frames.
  4. Pay for your transcript:
    • EFTPOS over the counter on campus
    • using the PayNow function in your Student Portal once your request has been processed and you receive an invoice.

Note: You can obtain an unofficial transcript from the portal free of charge.

Certification forms can be found on our Policies and Forms page:

Processing and Delivery

Once we receive your request and payment we will try to action your request as soon as possible, during peak times it may take a bit longer. 
Your documents will be sent via standard post with tracking, please allow 2-6 business days for delivery. Overseas destinations will take longer. 

Note: Before you request your academic transcript, please ensure you have no outstanding fees. Your transcript request will not be processed until all fees are paid.

What is a Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A Grade Point Average is a numerical calculation, based on the credit points and grade points for Higher Education programs. It is based on the grades achieved over a defined study period or course.

 SSNT Graduating Students

For any students who studied with SSNT that require their GPA, please reach out directly to the Record and Results team.

Due to a system change during your course enrolment, the GPA details shown on your Student Portal may be incorrect. We can provide you with copies of your GPA free of charge.

How do we calculate a GPA?

The University calculates grade point average (GPA) using the following formula:

GPA = Sum of (credit points x grade point) ÷ total credit points

The University includes all final subject grades or outcomes in the GPA calculation except Withdrawn Not Fail and Withdrawn Deleted. The University assigns the following points against each subject outcome when calculating the GPA:

The University does not include Non-Graded Pass in GPA calculations.

Example for GPA Calculation based on the above calculation

Kevin has completed a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration which is comprised of 4 subjects. Kevin received the following grades for each of their subjects:

Final Subject Outcome

Grade Points

High Distinction






Pass (including Supplementary Pass, Conceded Pass and Terminating Pass)


Fail/Withdrawn Fail


As each subject Kevin has taken is worth 10 credit points, the GPA calculation would be:

(10 x 22) ÷ 40 = 5.5 GPA


To find your credit points per subject, simply view the GPA Hours Column shown in the View Grades table within the portal.

Where can I see my GPA?

You can find your GPA in three places.

1. On your Student Portal

Once you have logged in, go to View Grades.

Screenshot of Student Hub, Student Grades section

Then select the following options:

  • All Terms or select a specific study period
  • Select a Course Level - this will be what level your relevant course is
  • Select a Study Path – this will show the courses you have been enrolled into

Once selected your overall GPA will show for the course.

Screenshot of Student Hub, Student Grades GPA

2. On your Official Academic Transcript

When you request an official Academic Transcript, your GPA will show. Final GPA will be calculated on the transcript once you have been identified as a graduand of your course.

3. On your Completion Letter

When you request a Completion Letter, your GPA will now show in the course information section of the letter. Final GPA will be calculated on the transcript once you have been identified as a graduand of your course.


What is a Completion Letter?

A Completion Letter is an official letter from the University showing that you have completed the necessary requirements of your course. 
This letter can be used to confirm your qualification before you have graduated and received your Academic Transcript. 
It is not necessary to acquire a completion letter except for reasons such as:

  • Immigration purposes
  • To provide evidence of your completed qualification to prospective employees

What information will be included in the Completion Letter?

Your Completion letter will receive the following:

  • Student details:
    - Student name and date of birth
    - Course code
    - Course name
    - Student number
    - CRICOS course code (International students only)
  • Study Load
  • Language which course was delivered 
  • Provider name and code 
  • Course commencement date
  • Course completion date 
  • Course requirements met 

How do I request a Completion Letter?

You can request a Completion Letter free of charge by contacting Student Services or Student Records.


What is a Testamur?

Also known as a 'Parchment' or 'Certificate'. Testamurs are the legal document that confirms your degree has been conferred (awarded). 

Higher Education

You will receive your official testamur with your academic transcript at graduation ceremony (or sent to you if graduating in absentia)

Vocational Education

You will receive your graduation documents 30 days after you've been approved by the exam committee. We will post your documents out to you after this date. 
It will include:

  • Academic Transcript
  • Statement of Attainment 
  • Testamur

Replacement Testamur

Legally, you are only permitted to have one testamur for each degree that you complete. If your original testamur is lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement from Student Records

You will need:

  • Completed Statutory Declaration outlining exactly what happened
  • Completed Certification form 
  • Pay $55 via Flywire or BPAY or contact the Student Service team

Name on your Testamur 

The name on your testamur will appear exactly as is recorded by the University, so please ensure your details are correct or up to date as soon as possible to avoid having to pay for a replacement. 

Updating your Address

To avoid any delays, please ensure your address is up to date as we will be posting your graduation documents to the address we have on file

Please note: if you have outstanding fees on your account, you will not receive your testamur.


If you need your documents sent to World Education Services (WES) please email Student Records

  • Copy of your Parchment 
  • Copy of your Transcript 
  • Academic Records Request Form with section A completed and signed

We have an online process set up with WES which allows us to submit documents to them electronically. Once we receive the above documents we can submit your documents to WES for free of charge.

Please remember

To change your details you can do it yourself if you still have access to the portal. If not, please complete the change of details form and send it to Student Services.
Note: If you are updating your name, you will need to provide one of the following:

  • Change of Name Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate 

Note: Please make sure your address is up to date so we can ensure we are posting any requested documents to the correct location. 

If you are unhappy with your final grades for a subject and believe it’s inappropriate or unfair, you can request a review from the Program Director or delegate. Follow the guidelines provided within the Student Complaints Policies:

If you have any other questions or requests please contact:


Assessment policies

Assessment Policy for Higher Education (HE) Coursework and ELICOS

Assessment Policy for Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Help understanding your grade/s

Higher Education courses

  • Refer to Section 12. Grading Matrix of the Assessment Policy

Vocational Education courses

  • Refer to Section 11. Grading criteria of the Assessment Policy

Disputing an assessment grade

If you think an assessment has been marked unfairly or inappropriately you can request to have re-assessed. Your work will be graded again by a different assessor.

For information on when and how to apply for a reassessment refer to the relevant section in the Assessment Policy:

Higher Education courses

  • Refer to Section 11. Requesting a re-mark

Vocational Education courses

  • Refer to Section 10. Requesting a re-assessment