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Student Hub: Graduation


We hold annual Graduation ceremonies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

If you have successfully completed your studies - congratulations! You'll be invited to attend the ceremony in your nearest state.

To be eligible to graduate, you will need to successfully complete all course requirements and have no outstanding fees or library loans.

If you are eligible to graduate, your results will be academically assessed against the course requirements to confirm eligibility.

For further information contact Student Services.

Graduation Ceremony Information

Can I change the location of my graduation ceremony?

Yes, you can change and attend to any location of your preference, as long as you have been approved and met all the requirements. You need to contact Graduations at six (6) weeks before the ceremony.

What are the requirements to be approved as graduand?

Please refer to the Graduation and Certification Policy for more information.

How do I receive the invitation to my graduation ceremony?

The invitation to your graduation ceremony will be sent to your personal email address we have in the system four (4) weeks before the graduation date.

What are the colours of the hoods or stoles?

The following colours are used:

  • Business faculty – gold tones
  • Design faculty – pink tones
  • Education faculty – blue tones
  • Health faculty – purple tones
  • Hospitality faculty – teal tones

I have ordered tickets and paid the fees for graduation, how do I collect my tickets?

On the day of the event, you need to come to the registration area where you will confirm your and your guests’ attendance.

I'm having trouble making payments for the graduation ceremony, who I should contact?

Please contact Student Services on the phone 1300 575 803.

My family is abroad and they want to come for my graduation ceremony. Is it possible to get a letter from the university so they can apply for their visa?

Yes, we can provide an invitation letter for immigration purposes. Please send an email to Graduations requesting a letter of invitation for graduation ceremony and include in there you full name and family member’s names as they are shown in the passport.

The invitation link is not allowing me to RSVP, what should I do?

Please contact Student Services on the phone 1300 575 803.

How we allocate your graduation ceremony

Once your course completion is approved, you will be invited to the graduation ceremony according to the mailing address state we have in the system. For instance: If your mailing address state we have in the system is NSW, you will be invited to the Sydney Graduation Ceremony.

Mailing address state Graduation Ceremony to be invited
New South Wales (NSW) and Overseas Sydney
Victoria (VIC) and Tasmania (TAS) Melbourne
Queensland (QLD) and Northern Territory (NT)


South Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA)

All my other classmates have received invitation except me. Why I have not be invited to the ceremony?
  • Have you completed the total number of subjects (core and electives) to complete your award?
  • Do you have any outstanding fees with the university?
  • Have you provided all require documents for graduation such as USI or placement completion documents? (IF your award requires this documents)
  • Is your personal contact information the most current one in the system such as mobile, personal e-mails address and full name?
  • Have you changed your postal address recently?

If you have completed the above checklist, please contact Student Services. They will be able to check in the system if you have been identified as graduand and approved by Exam Committee and Academic Board.

Ceremony Schedule

The exact time schedule of the day will be sent after the RSVP has closed, however, the usual routine of the day is:

Registration: Check-in of students. Only students need to be present at the registration stage.

Gowning: After you have register yourself and your guests, you proceed to get the academic dress

Cloakroom: All graduands are required to leave any belongings with friends, family or in the cloakroom. To prevent accidents while students walk up to the stage, only mobile phones are allowed to be held during the ceremony.

Rehearsal: After registration has been closed, all students are required to go to the main room where important information about the ceremony will be provided. No guests are allowed in the main room at this moment.

Guest Entry: After rehearsal has finished all guest are allowed to get in and take his or her seat. There are no allocated seats, however, if your guests include children, assistance dogs, guests in wheelchairs or with any disability, please let any of our friendly ushers know so they can help them with priority entry.

Please note that prams are not allowed inside the main room, they need to be left outside. Our friendly staff will take care of them 

Ceremony: The ceremony will take about 2 hours. As a sign of respect to other graduands, academics, speakers and sponsors we required all attendees to stay until the end of the ceremony.

Refreshments and Photography: After the ceremony, refreshments will be provided to graduands and guests. You are welcome to take your own pictures or professional pictures inside the venue. If you want to take pictures outside the venue, you will need to return your academic dress first.

Return your Academic regalia

We know your academic dress means many memories and effort for you and your family, however, we appreciate you returning your academic dress one (1) hour after the ceremony has finished.

Please be mindful, we use this academic dress in all the ceremonies we have Australia wide, and other students would like to wear it as well.

Purchasing of Graduation’s professional photos

One week after the ceremony, all graduation ceremony professional pictures will be available.

An email with the link to the professional pictures provider will be sent to your email address where you received the graduation invitation. You will be able to purchase your pictures in that link.

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Upcoming ceremonies

Sydney and Melbourne Graduating in Absentia Deadline: 25th January 2019

Graduation Dates 2019

The Graduation team is currently finalising the graduation dates for 2019. 

Sydney – 16th & 17th April, 2019
Melbourne – 11th April, 2019
Brisbane – Late July, 2019
Adelaide – Late November, 2019

We will update this page once the Brisbane and Adelaide dates are confirmed.

Preparing to graduate

Student details

Make sure the following information is up to date in your My Account:

  • Full legal name
    This is the name that will appear on your testamur and graduation documents.
  • Email address
    Your graduation invitation will be sent here.
  • Residential address
    We'll invite you to the graduation ceremony closest to where you live.
  • Phone number
    In case we need to contact you.

If we need to reissue your official graduation documents because we cannot contact you, you may be charged a re-issue fee.

If you are unable to update your details in your My Account, please contact your Student Services team to confirm.

International students

For visa help contact the Department of Home Affairs if:

  • Your student visa expires before your graduation date; or
  • You want to invite friends or family from overseas to attend your graduation

Your Student Services team can supply any documentation you need