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Smart Skills Digital Badges


What are Smart Skills?

Smart Skills include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, creative thinking, innovation, and the ability to drive organisational change. 

How can they give you the advantage over other graduates or employees?

They are among the most desired skills and qualities employers look for when hiring or promoting employees.  
Learning the technical, practical and intellectual elements required to succeed at your job is important; learning Smart Skills will enable you to thrive in your career. 

Where and how can I learn these skills? 

You can learn these skills online by completing a series of 5 or 6 on-demand Short Courses. Each Short Course will take only one to two hours of fully online, mobile-friendly, on-demand learning to complete and can be done anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. These on-demand Short Courses are strategically grouped together to create 5 distinct, work-ready and industry recognised Smart Skills Digital Badges. Each one is endorsed by industry heavyweights, like Kathmandu, Canva and Ovolo.  

What is a Digital Badge? And how do they work?  

A Digital Badge holds a portfolio of evidence of your learning and is more secure than a paper-based certificate. A completed Digital Badge will appear as an image file, but it is directly linked to verifiable metadata hosted on the Credly Acclaim Digital Credentialing Platform. Digital Badges do not expire and are unique to you and the qualifications you have earned. This platform provides context and verification and allows your future employer to see exactly what you had to do to earn each Digital Badge and what that means in terms of your capabilities – in real-time. 

Once you have completed all the short course requirements of a particular Smart Skill you will be awarded the associated Digital Badge that is sharable and verifiable Digital Badge – making you work-ready with something to show for it.  

You can share your Smart Skills Digital Badges directly with future employers and clients, as well as add them to your LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms, include them in your CV or in your email signature.

Start your Smart Skills Digital Badge today


Check out the Smart Skill Badges you can complete now to give yourself the best advantage to advance your career or secure your first job. When you click on the 'Start course' button you will be taken to a sign-in page. To access the course simply log in using your student email and password. Now let's get started!

NOTE: If you have any trouble logging in using the 'Start course' button that would be because you have already started a short course with Torrens Online studies and have an existing account. All you need to do is log in via this link here and then search 'Smart Skills' and these courses will appear in your student account.

Close up of a person in a business suit holding a heart shaped leaf

Championing Organisational Change & Driving Impact

Become a change champion. You will develop the skills and mindset to thrive under pressure, directing workflows and shifting between tasks without losing essential focus.  
People working collaboratively at a desk

Creative & Critical Thinking

Approach problems through analytical, perceptive and creative lenses. Learn the skills necessary to be analytical, perceptive, and creative when identifying and solving problems. 
Close up of hands typing on keyboard with "like" icons

Digital Innovation Essentials

Transform the way business is done. Enhance your ability to lead digital transformation, applying the latest innovations to your business challenges. 
Two poeple looking at a laptop screen

Digital Marketing Essentials

Stay relevant in an ever-changing world. This Digital Badge expands on your knowledge of digital marketing strategies, encouraging you to leverage off the latest trends and solutions. 
Poeple sitting on bench against a wall

Interpersonal & Workplace Essentials

Master the art of building strong teams and influencing members in a positive way. Learn the art of building powerful teams and positively influencing members. 
Poeple in a meeting looking at papers on a table

Leadership Essentials

Guide, inspire and empower your team and others. You will develop the essential skills needed to excel in your leadership journey and become an effective leader.