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Fitzroy Student Hub: Subject selection help

Towards the end of each study period, you'll be prompted to re-enrol in your course by selecting your subjects for the next trimester. This page outlines everything you need to know about subject selection to make the process smooth and simple.

What subjects do I choose?

Before you get started on your subject selection, get to know what subject you'll need to enrol in for the next study period. You can find this information in your course structure. This is a document that outlines all the subjects you need to complete to earn your qualification.

Find your course structure on your course page.

Selecting your subjects is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Check your course page
  2. Follow the instructions to select your subjects and register for classes via the new Student Portal.
  3. Check your student email for your invoice.

Enrolment forms

We recommend that you use the Student Portal to select your subjects.

However, if you need to submit a paper enrolment form, due to prerequisite waivers, please complete and return the form to Student Services along with a confirmation of the waiver from your Program Director.

Subject selection FAQ

Courses and subjects

​​What subjects should I select for next trimester?

Check out your course structure on your course page.

Your 'Register for Classes' page in your Student Portal will also show what you have completed (with a green tick) and what have yet to do.

I want to select the right subjects, who can help?

If you are having trouble selecting from the subjects available, get in contact with Student Services or your Success Coach. They can help you through what is on offer and what is part of your course progression.

How can I change my subjects?

You can drop a subject, or make changes to your class times, in the 'Register for Classes' page of your Student Portal.

If you are not able to do this yourself, please submit an Application for Withdrawal to Student Services.

Can I change my course?

To change course, you will need to complete a Course Transfer form and we will assess to make sure you meet the entrance requirements for the new course.

In order to get you into your new subjects on time, complete this form prior to the next study period starting. check the Course Transfer Policy for more information.

I have registered for my classes but cannot see them in Blackboard, what do I do?

Subjects are available in Blackboard in the week before trimester starts. Any changes to your subjects may take up to 48 hours to appear in Blackboard. If you are still unable to view your subjects after 48 hours please contact Student Services for further assistance.

Timetable help

How do I find out what subjects are on offer this trimester?

Your 'Register for Classes' page in your Student Portal will show what subjects and classes are available.

You can also view the trimester timetable on your course page.

I want to enrol into a subject but cannot see it on the timetable, what do I do?

If a subject is not available for you to enrol in it is usually because it is not being offered within the study period.

You will need to select another subject within your course. If no alternatives can be selected, contact Your Success Coach for further advice.

I want to enrol in a subject but it is full, what do I do?

You can add yourself to the wait list for a subject when registering for classes via your Student Portal.

Follow the instructions in How to Register For Classes.

Key dates

When does the next study period start?

See the Key Dates section of this site for further information.

When can I select my subjects?

Subject selection opens 1-2 months prior to the commencement of the next study period. Dates will be posted on the Student Hub and around campus.

When do I have to be select my subjects by?

To avoid missing out, it is recommended you register for classes as soon as possible as some high demand subjects will fill up quickly.

If you need to change your subjects after you receive your results, you can do so in your Student Portal.


International Students

How many subjects should I enrol in?

International students are required to study full time, which is a 100% study load.

How many online subjects can I choose?

In total, international students can study up to one third or 33% of their course online.

International students must always maintain a minimum of one on campus subject enrolment  per study period. Online subjects should be spread across the length of your course and not taken all in one trimester together.

I won't finish my course by my end date, how do I update it?

The maximum time for you to complete your course will be stated on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

We may extend your course duration if:

  • there are compassionate or compelling circumstances
  • you have been identified as at risk of not meeting the course progression requirements and Torrens has implemented, or is in the process of implementing, an intervention strategy
  • you have had a Leave of Absence approved. See more about enrolment changes on the International Students page.

If you need an extension to your CoE, contact Student Services

Who can help me?

If you can't find what you're after in the FAQs on this page contact us for help with:

Q: I know which subjects to choose, but need help using the Student Portal to enrol online.

Q: What subjects do I choose?

Q: I'm doing an industry placement - what do I need to do?