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Fitzroy Student Hub: Student portal

Single sign-on updates

The change to single sign on (and the Student Central landing page) will not happen from Monday 27 July as previously planned.

This means that you will continue to use your current login details, not your Office 365 student account, to access your learning platforms until further advice.
We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.


Planned system outage cancelled

Over the last week  we have informed you about planned outages and interruptions affecting your online resources.

The planned outage of our digital systems from midnight (12:00 am) Friday 24 July until 9am Monday 27 July (AEST), will no longer go ahead. This means there will be no interruption in access to the following platforms:

  • Student Portal
  • Blackboard
  • Library
  • Careers Connect
Access to platforms

There will be no disruptions to accessing the Student Portal, Blackboard, Library and Careers Connect this weekend as previously stated.

You will have full access to all learning platforms during this period.

Assessments and assignment extensions

In a previous communication it was stated that students who have assignments due over the weekend of the outage Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July will have an extension until midnight Wednesday 29 July.

These extensions will remain in place.

Quizzes and tests

Students who have online quizzes which start from Friday 24 July will start on Monday 27 July and have an extension until the following Sunday, 2 August.

This extension will remain in place.

Please refer back to this page, and updates to your student email account, for future updates.

Student Portal - how to guides

Selecting your subjects and registering for classes

  1. Open up Google Chrome and go to your Student Portal. The Student Portal works best in Chrome.
  2. Log in with your or email account
  3. Use the quick link in the dashboard link to Select Your Subjects
    OR click on the waffle menu (squares in the top left corner) and go to Student > Subject Selection > Register for classes
  4. Select the term and course, then continue.
  5. All subject will be listed in the left column. Any marked with a green dot are those you have completed.
  6. Select the next subject/s in the list as these align with your course structure. You must select one subject a time.
  7. All class options for the subject will appear in the right column.
    You can view more information (description, prerequisites, lecturer etc) by clicking on the class name.
  8. Add the class you want.
  9. Press Submit to finalise your class registration. You can do this after each subject if you prefer.
  10. An invoice will be sent to your student email account in the next day or so.
    You will receive an invoice even if you are on FEE-HELP.
    For students paying upfront, your payment due date will be listed on the invoice. You must pay by this due date or risk a late fee or your account being blocked.

Pre/co-requisite requests or issues?

Select what subjects your are able to online then:

If you have been approved for a pre/co-requisite waiver, please send an email to the Student Services (, attach the approval and the CRN (see below) in your email, from here the team can unblock the issue and you can use your student portal to enrol into the subject.

If you want to request a pre/co-requisite waiver, email your program director/senior lecturer for permission, then email the approval along with a the CRN (see below) of the subject to Student Services(

What is a CRN? The CRN stands for Class Reference Number, this is a 3 digit number that corresponds with the class you would like to enrol into. The CRN can be found on your student portal and will show up as an error message when you go to enrol into the subject that has a pre/co-requisite block. Please contact Student Services for more information. 


How to log in

Step 1: Go directly to the Student Portal (bookmark this link). There is also a button link from the homepage of the Fitzroy Student Hub (where you are right now).

Step 3: Your Student Portal will appear! Navigate the menu items by selecting the “waffle” (four squares) in the top left corner, or use the quick links listed.

What is my EFTSL?

EFTSL stands for "Equivalent Full Time Student Load" and is a measure of the study load for one year for a student undertaking a course on a full-time basis.

You can work out each subject EFTSL by using this formula - subject credit points divided by the maximum credit points for the year = EFTSL for the subject

Think Education Courses
  • 120 credit points (12 subjects) per year
  • Each subject = 10 credits points
  • Therefore - 10/120 = 0.83 EFTSL per subject

A full time study load for each trimester is 4 subjects x 0.83 = 3.32 EFSTL


Torrens University Australia
  • 96 credits points (9 subjects) per year
  • Each subject = 12 credit points
  • Therefore - 12/96 = 0.125 EFTSL per subject

A full time study load for each trimester is 3 subjects x 0.125 =  0.375 EFSTL

What happens after registering in classes?

After you successfully register in your classes, you should expect to receive your invoice via your Office 365 student email.

If you are on Fee-Help, you will receive a link in an email from the government. Please complete the eCAF form as soon as possible to ensure that you are successfully approved for Fee-Help. If the approval is not completed before Census date, you will become liable for your fees for the term.

If you are paying upfront, you will see the fee amount and due date on the invoice.

Payment can be made via EFTPOS (cheque, savings or credit) on campus, by credit card over the phone, via BPAY or via Flywire (for International students). Please contact Student Services if you have any questions about making payments.

Changing class times or dropping a subject

I registered for my class via the Student Portal
You can update your classes yourself. Here's how:
  • Go to the Register for Classes page
  • Go to the right hand-side of the screen where it shows your list of registered or wait listed classes, there will be a drop down menu. (Under the Action Column)
  • Select 'DROP' to remove yourself from the class.
  • Please click 'SUBMIT' on the bottom of the page before you can enrol into the next subject
  • You can then select another subject or class time from the list on the left-hand side & press 'SUBMIT' again afterwards then logout.
If the DROP option does not appear, please make sure you are using Google Chrome as it is the preferred browser for the Student Portal. This will not show in Firefox Browser.

Ad Blocker may also limit some content. If you have Ad Blocker activated in Chrome you can change the settings to allow access to content on the Student Portal.
I registered for my class via the Student Portal but would like to now Withdraw:-
You will need to submit an Application for Withdrawal or Application for Timetable Change to Student Services.
These can be found on the Think policies or Torrens policies pages.

How to view your class registration and timetable

Previously we sent out a Confirmation of Class Enrolment to your student email account.

Now you can check which classes you are registered in, and print your schedule, by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal
  2. Click on the menu, and go to Student, then Subject Selection.
  3. Click the 'View Registration Information’ menu item.
  4. Review your schedule. You can also print your timetable by clicking on the Printer button (in the top right hand corner).

Student finance and account summary

Go to Student Portal Home > Student > Student Finance

Account summary

In the ‘Account Summary by Term’ view, you can see your student finances summarized by type of charge or payment. For example, the tuition for all of enrolled subjects are summarized into one line item by ‘Term’. To see your itemized charges and payments, go to Account Detail for Term menu item.

Account Detail for Term

To see your detailed student finances by term, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click on the Account Detail for Term menu item.

Step 2: Select the Term you are interested in reviewing, and click on Submit.



When are my subject fees due?

Your due date for payment will be stated on your invoice!

You must pay the full amount by the due date or access to online platforms may be blocked.

How do I pay my fees upfront?

An invoice for your subjects will be sent to your student email account. This will list the fees, amount owing and due date.

For trimester 2, your payment options include: 

  • EFTPOS (cheque, savings or credit) on campus
  • Credit card over the phone
  • BPAY - your unique BPAY customer reference number (CRN or Ref) will be on your invoice
  • Fly Wire (for international students) 

In the future, online payments through your Student Portal will be available.

If you are on FEE-HELP, and would like to pay for some or all of your subjects upfront, you can do so using any of the methods above.

If you need any help, please contact your Student Services team as soon as possible.

Paying for subjects via FEE-HELP

If you have selected Fee-Help as your payment option then your balance will show on the invoice sent to your student email account.

You can also opt to pay upfront for part or all of your subjects upfront. Refer to the "Paying fees upfront" tab for more info.

I selected Fee-Help for the first time. Why do I have an invoice which shows that a balance is due? 

If you have selected Fee-Help as your payment option for the first time, your balance will still show on the invoice sent to your student email account. 

  • You will need to check your student email to complete your Fee-Help application form (eCAF), and have been approved to be on FEE-HELP by the government.
  • Once the approval is received by us, your student finances will be re-processed and you will receive a re-issued invoice with an amended balance, to show that you do not have outstanding fees.

Important note: Please make sure that you complete the eCAF form as soon as you receive the email and link from the government!

Can't find the eCAF email? Check junk mail and clutter in your student email account.

Here's how to view your final grades for the study period

  • Click on the waffle menu (four squares in the top left corner).
  • Click on Student Records.
  • If your subject has been graded, you can view your ‘Final Grades’ by clicking on the View Grades sub-menu item.
  • Click on the Components button to see the final score.

Check page 11 of the Student Portal - Info Sheet for instructions with screenshots.

Check the grade explanation to find out what your grades mean.

Note: Blackboard lists your assessment marks only. Marks for exams, final assessment or final trimester results will not be published in Blackboard.

You can see your unofficial transcript in your Student Portal

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Click on the waffle menu (four squares in the top left corner)
  3. Click on Student Records
  4. Click on the Academic Transcripts sub-menu item
  5. Select the ‘Transcript Level’ and ‘Transcript Type’ from the drop down menus, then click on Submit

Check page 12 of the Student Portal - Info Sheet for instructions with screenshots.

Useful links

Student O365 account info

Find out more about your Office 365 account and student email