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Fitzroy Student Hub: Student Portal

Student Portal Banner Image

Your Student Portal is where you select your subjects, register for classes, view your timetable, check your grades, and check your finance information.

Note: You will need to use your Office 365 student email to access the Student Portal.


Onshore International Students

Please note: as campuses are now all open, you are expected to abide by your Student Visa regulations.

This means you must enrol into eight subjects per year and at least one subject each trimester.

If you have concerns around these criteria please contact the Student Services team on your campus to discuss.


Quick Reference Guides

Your quick reference guides will take you through the functions of your new Student Portal.

There will be step-by-step and/or video guides. Click on a drop-down item below for each guide.


 Student Portal Basics

Logging in

Video guide


  1. Go to the Student Portal.
  2. Select Student Access.
  3. Sign in with your Office 365 credentials .
  4. You will be directed to the Student Landing Page which has lists of quick links for easy access.

Student Portal Login Buttons

Student Portal Landing Page

Navigation and getting to the landing page

Student Portal menu location

To get back to the landing page:

  1. Click Alt+M to open the menu, or click on the four squares (waffle) in the top left corner.
  2. Click Banner.
  3. Then click Student Landing Page.

Note: The menu is another way to navigate to the different areas, but it is much easier to access the quick links from the landing page.

Viewing your student profile

This will show an overview of your details, and your course information.

Video guide


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student list, click Student Profile.

Student Menu List

Updating your personal information

Video guide


From the landing page, you will be able to update the following details

  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Personal Information list you will see:
    • Addresses and Phones
    • E-mail Addresses
    • Emergency Contacts
  3. Click the title of the detail you want to update.
  4. Click the link to update (e.g. Update Addresses and Phones)
    • Click the blue link next to the phone number or address to be updated. Enter the new details.
    • Click Submit.

Student Profile Menu List


View my finance documents

In this area, you will be able to view your invoices, FEE-HELP Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CAN), and Statement of Account (SOA).


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Finance list, click View My Financial Documents.
  3. Click the tab for Invoices. You can also click the tab for Receipts to view receipts.
  4. Invoices or Receipts will be listed - click on an invoice to view.

Student Finance - Documents

Checking your account summary & detail

Account Summary by Term: lists charges and payments for the current term, summarised by type.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Finance list, click Account Summary by Term

Account Detail for Term: lists your itemised charges and payments for the study period.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Finance list, click Account Detail for Term
  3. Select the study period and click Submit.

Student Finance - Account

When are my fees due?

Please refer to your invoice to confirm your due date for fees. Your payment due date cannot be changed as it is generated by our system.

Your invoice due date for fees depends on:

  • Whether you are a domestic or international student
  • The date you enrol into a subject

Refer to the Student Fees page for further information.

Paying upfront

An invoice for your subjects will be sent to your student email account. This will list the fees, amount owing and due date. 

Payment options include 

  • Online payment via Pay Now - this is the preferred method of payment.
  • Credit card over the phone.
  • EFTPOS (cheque, savings or credit) on campus.
  • BPAY - your unique BPAY customer reference number (CRN or Ref) will be on your invoice.
  • Fly Wire (for international students) - your Flywire payment details will be on your invoice.

Pay Now - payment online

Here's how to pay in three easy steps:
  1. Log on to your Student Portal
  2. Select "Pay Now"
  3. Follow the steps to make a credit card payment - make sure you are using your new student ID (A000XXXXX)

Pay Now screenshot


Paying via FEE-HELP

If you have selected FEE-HELP as your payment option then your balance will show on the invoice sent to your student email account.

Can I pay for my subjects instead?

You can also choose to pay for part or all of your subjects. Follow the instructions above to pay upfront or Pay Now.

Your FEE-HELP amount will be recalculated after you have made an upfront payment. This can only be done before census date.

View your FEE-HELP balance at myHELPbalance.

View Holds

You will have a hold on your account if you have outstanding fees or an administrative block.



  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Finance list, click View Holds.

View holds will also appear under the Student Records list.

Common hold types are:

  • Academic Progression Hold
  • Academic Integrity Hold
  • CoE Expired
  • Deposit Hold
  • Financial Hold
  • Graduation Hold
  • OSHC Expired
  • Visa Expired

Student Finance - View Holds

 Results and Transcripts

Check my final grades

View your final grades for the study period .

Note: Blackboard lists your assessment marks only. Marks for final exams, final assessments or final trimester results are not published in Blackboard.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Records list, click View Grades.
  3. Select the Term for which you want to view your grades.
  4. Select the Course level.
  5. Select the Study Path.
  6. The list of relevant Subjects will be displayed, with the grades for each in the Final Grade column.
  7. For Higher Education only:
    • To see the numerical score, or percentage attained, click Component.
    • A new page will open displaying further grade information.

Student Records - View Grades

Degree Evaluation - check my course progression

Degree evaluation will enable you to see what subjects you have completed and what you still need to complete for your course.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Records list, click Degree Evaluation.
  3. Click Generate New Evaluation.
  4. Check the course you would like to evaluate.
  5. More steps coming soon.

Student Records - Degree Evaluation

View an unofficial academic transcript

You can view an unofficial transcript for a simple list of subjects you have completed, and their relevant grades.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Under the Student Records list, click Unofficial Academic Transcript.
  3. Select Transcript Level.
  4. Select Transcript Type (the only option is unofficial).
  5. Click Display Transcript.
  6. The Student Academic Transcript page will open.
    NOTE: This transcript includes all subjects completed to date, not any subjects you are currently enrolled in.
Student Records - Unofficial Academic Transcript

Request an official academic transcript

This function is coming soon.

Official Academic Transcripts cost $15.

Requesting a transcript on campus

  1. Complete a Certification Form, with supporting documentation as outlined on the form.
  2. Submit the form to Student Services, and make payment.
  3. Refer to the Processing and Delivery section for time frames.

Requesting a transcript via email

  1. Complete a Certification Form.
  2. Email Student Services and attach the Certification Form, with supporting documentation as outlined on the form.
  3. Student Services will process your request. Refer to the Processing and Delivery section for time frames.
  4. Pay for your transcript:
    • EFTPOS over the counter on campus
    • using the PayNow function in your Student Portal once your request has been processed and you receive an invoice.

Note: You can obtain an unofficial transcript from the portal free of charge.

Certifications forms can be found on our Policies and Forms page:

Processing and Delivery

Once we receive your request and payment we will try to action your request as soon as possible, during peak times it may take a bit longer. 
Your documents will be sent via standard post with tracking, please allow 2-6 business days for delivery. Overseas destinations will take longer. 

Note: Before you request your academic transcript, please ensure you have no outstanding fees. Your transcript request will not be processed until all fees are paid. 

 Subject Selection

Choosing classes at the correct campus

Finding your home campus

In your Student Portal, go to your Student Profile to view the campus where your course is based.

Student Profile - find your campus

When you are in the Register for Classes view, each class option shows where the class will be held.This will show options for all campuses, including those from other states.

Check your course page for specific information about each class type:

Subject Selection campus options

Register for classes


1. Go the Student Portal - you will need to log in with your student email address and password.

2. From the Landing Page, click Subject Selection.

3. Click Register for Classes. Select the Study Period (e.g. Trimester 1 HE 2021) and your course, and then continue.

4. Select the next subject/s in the list as these align with your course structure. You must select one subject a time.

  • All subjects are listed in the left column. Any marked with a green dot are those you have completed, have credit for, or are currently enrolled in. Meeting time = your class time.
  • All class options for the subject will appear in the top right column.
  • This will show options for all campuses, including those from other states. Please make sure you select the campus relevant to your CAMPUS only.
  • Students from our Online Campus must select online classes only.
  • You can view more information (description, prerequisites, lecturer etc) by clicking on the subject name. 

5. Add the class you want. 

6. Click SUBMIT to finalise your class registration. You can do this after each subject if you prefer.

What happens after I select subjects and register for classes?

After you successfully register in your classes, you should expect to receive your invoice via your Office 365 student email. Invoices are sent to all students, upfront paying or FEE-HELP. You will see the fee amount and due date on the invoice. 


Tips for viewing the Subject Selection page

There are three panels:

  1. Subject area (top panel)
    This shows the subjects for your course, and the selections you can make for your classes.
  2. Schedule (bottom left panel)
    This show the calendar view of the subject days and times you are enrolled or registered in.
  3. Summary (bottom right panel)
    A list of the subjects and status of your enrolment
    • Pending - in grey
    • Registered - in green

Subject Selection - Panels

1. Subject area panel

Left column: This shows the list of subjects for your course organised by study periods. Any subjects you have completed, or registered in for the current study period, will show as green. You can check a subject to view more information.

Right column: Shows detail about a subject you have checked. It will list all class options available for you to choose from. It will show if the class is on campus (with day and time) or online. this is where you click to select your preferred class.

2. Schedule panel

The schedule panel will show any face-to-face classes in a week view.

Online classes may not show here if they do not have a scheduled day or time in the timetable. Generally you Learning Facilitator will advise you of online Collaborate sessions in your first week of classes.

3. Summary panel

This shows the list of subjects and the different enrolment statuses.

  • Title - subject name
  • Details - subject code
  • CRN - class reference number
  • Schedule Type - class type e.g. online, workshop, practical
  • Status - enrolment status
    • Pending (still need to submit) - in grey
    • Registered - in green 
  • Action - options for the subject e.g drop
  • Submit button - to finalise pending enrolment

Subject Selection - Summary panel


Resize/hide sections

You can resize each panel/section by clicking on the dot on the border of each section and dragging up or down.

You can hide/display a section by clicking on the down or up arrows.

Subject Selection - resizing panels


Withdraw from (drop) a class or change a class time

If you registered for classes via the Student Portal, you can update your classes yourself.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Click Subject Selection.
  3. Click Register for Classes.
  4. Select a Study Period (e.g. Trimester 1 HE 2021) and course (e.g Bachelor of Health Science)
  5. Available options will be displayed in the drop-down menu.
  6. In the ‘Summary’ pane in the bottom right of the screen, classes will be listed.
  7. In the ‘Action’ column, use the drop-down box to select ‘DROP’ against the desired class.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. A ‘Save Successful’ notification will pop up. The status of the dropped subject will now say ‘Deleted’
  10. You can then select another subject or class time from the list on the left-hand side & press Submit again.


DROP option does not appear

  1. You may be trying to withdraw from the only subject you are enrolled in and will be blocked from doing so.
  2. Student Services registered you for a class manually
  3. You may need to refresh/clear your browser cache or open the Student Portal in an incognito browser window.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Some subjects may have prerequisites (subject to be completed before another subject) or co-requisites (subject to be done at the same time as another). These have been built in to your subject selection to ensure you are following the correct course progression. 

You can check a subject pre/co-requisite by clicking on the subject name in the Register for classes screen 

If you would like to apply to have a pre/co-requisite waived, please email your student services team.


What happens if a class is full?

If your preferred class is full, you will need to select another class with remaining spaces.

Enrol early to secure your place in your preferred class.


View class registration and timetable 

Now you can check which classes you are registered in, and print your schedule.


  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Click Subject Selection.
  3. Click View Registration Information.
  4. Review your schedule.

You can also print your timetable by clicking on the Printer button (in the top right hand corner).

View Class Registration​​​​​​

Single Sign-on is here!

From Monday 28 September, the way you log in to your digital platforms changed change to give you streamlined access to your sites.

You will log in using your Office 365 username and password and your credentials will be authenticated across the following sites:

  • Student Portal
  • Blackboard
  • Library catalogue
  • Student email account
  • Office 365 apps
  • Careers Connect
  • One Campus

You will need use your Office 365 account (student email) in order to access your sites from 28 September.

Click here for more information about your Office 365 account, which you were allocated when you first enrolled. If you do not know your account details, please contact Student Services.

A guide to your platforms/tools

Student Portal

Access with single sign-on from 28 Sept

This is is where you can:

  • select your subjects and register for classes
  • check your finance information
  • update your profile
  • check your final results for the study period


Student Hub

You are here now! It's the place to go for information about:

  • news and event updates
  • your course structure and academic contacts
  • subject selection support services
  • your campus
  • key dates
  • other admin information

Student Hub Screenshot


Access with single sign-on from 28 Sept

Your Learning Portal is called Blackboard. This is where you go for:

  • course and subject learning content
  • submitting assessments
  • checking assessment marks
  • key study resources

Blackboard Screenshot


Access Library catalogue with single sign-on from 28 Sept

Your Library can assist with:

  • finding articles, books, eBooks, journals, peer reviewed material
  • academic skills support 
  • academic integrity and referencing guides
  • study success workshops
  • and much more

Library Catalogue Screenshot

Careers Connect

Access with single sign-on from 28 Sept

Careers Connect is a platform that connects Students, Industry, and Success Coaches. You can access:

  • resume & cover letter review services 
  • view and RSVP to Careers & Industry-related events
  • search & apply for:
    • casual, part-time and graduate jobs
    • volunteering, work-integrated learning, placements and virtual internships
  • complete virtual mock interviews
  • access online resources & webinars relating to job search, career planning, and graduate employment


Student Email and Office 365

Access with single sign-on from 28 Sept

Access to your student email account and Office 365 Apps:

  • Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Teams

Office 365 apps