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Fitzroy Student Hub: SRC

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What is the SRC?

SRC stands for Student Representative Council. The function of the SRC is to ensure the student voice is heard throughout the campus and to assist in bringing the community to life through the three pillars of the SRC; advocacy, decision making and community.


Beyond the three pillars, the SRC is also a great opportunity for you to develop leadership skills and to broaden your networks across the college.

 From left to right:

 Christos Karatenislis - BHSc (Nat)

 Guinevere Quelch - BHSc (Nat)

 Gabby Pavlovic - BHSc (Nat)​

 Remi Baikov - BHSc (Nat)

Denise Hung - BHSc (Chinese Med)


Christos Karatenislis

Course: Naturopathy

Why I joined: I want to contribute to the student body in a positive way.

Goal for SRC: To help give a voice to the students of SSNT.

Favourite activity: Gardening, or anything outdoors which involves animals.

Denise Hung

Course: Chinese Medicine

Why I joined: To build a wholesome community.

Goal for SRC: Be there for students; create an environment that nurtures well-being, leadership and success; network of support.

Favourite activity: Ashtanga yoga.

Gabby Pavlovic

Course: Naturopathy

Why I joined: I believe empowering students to be actively involved in their education improves their learning experience as well as that of future students.

Goal for SRC: To help my peers (both staff and students) to collaborate to ensure our time at SSNT is enjoyable, educative, and empowers and prepares students for what's to come post-graduation.

Favourite food: Fresh figs, especially after travelling throughout Croatia where they're in everyone's gardens!

Guinevere Quelch

Course: Naturopathy

Why I joined: To support and foster the SSNT community

Goal for SRC: To help provide opportunities for people to connect, share knowledge and have fun

Favourite Activity: Walking and sightseeing

Remi Baikov

Course: Naturopathy

Why I joined: It's a great way to network with staff at the university as well as other students across different disciplines.

Goal for SRC: Give back the support that was given to me when I first started studying and hopefully create some activities for all of us to meet and network as a whole.

Favourite clothing: Tweed trousers

Should I join the SRC?

Yes! If you are passionate about making sure that the campus remains a welcome, diverse and engaging place to study. Joining the SRC is also a great way for you to learn some fantastic skills which will benefit you professionally, such as; communication skills, negotiation skills, team-working skills, leadership experience and organisational skills.

What does being an SRC member involve?

As an SRC member you would be required to attend as many meetings a trimester as possible, as well as any events you plan as a group. Typically the SRC run between 4 and 6 meetings and hold one event per trimester. The meetings are held fortnightly and last one hour. It's roughly a commitment of one hour per week, plus a few hours at the event. However we understand that you are here to study and acknowledge that study comes first, so if you can’t make all the meetings its great if you can find time to stay up to date by reading the minutes from the meeting and regularly checking the SRC email account.
The group adheres to the SRC Charter and is currently run as a non-hierarchical group, where decisions are made through voting. 50% of all active members must vote in favour of a proposal in order for it to pass.

How do I join?

We are currently recruiting!

If you’d like to be an SRC member, these are a couple of steps involved in applying:

  • Obtain an application form form Nataly , your friendly neighbourhood Student Services Advisor and SRC support member
  • Complete and return the form by Monday 9nd November
  • Once the application date has passed and we have received your application, we will be in touch so that we can meet you at an informal interview and have a chat about your application.
  • Interviews will be held beginning w/c 7th December (after exams)
  • New SRC team members will then be chosen
  • Duties for successful candidates will commence from Week 2 in Trimester 1, 2021, kicking off with an induction and planning day.

If you have any questions, get in touch with your SRC by emailing the SRC at or by contacting Student Services.


We are committed to creating a welcoming Campus environment that respects and celebrates diversity and inclusivity. We run a variety of events and workshops that create opportunities to network and build relationships with fellow students and have some fun!


We offer meaningful support to any student facing difficulty during the course of their study. We refer issues affecting students to the relevant campus team member in a timely and constructive manner when appropriate. We aim to deal with feedback in a positive manner that shows both respect for the Campus and empathy for the student involved.

Decision Making

We are invited to Campus management meetings each trimester and are consulted on key decisions that impact the student experience. We work collaboratively with the Campus management team and staff to achieve outcomes that help make Campus a better place for all.

CONNECT II (Industries & Networking Evening)

The SRC would like to thank all those who attended the CONNECT II: Industries & Networking Event. Over 30 guests were in attendance to hear from guest speakers, network with other students and taste the fantastic food and tea provided.

Current SSNT student Kara Falzon had everyone enthralled with the story of how she started her own business, Teresa Wong provided great motivation for students looking to make a meaningful difference in the life of their clients and Anthony Orpen discussed how branding should focus oncreating an idea rather than the product itself.

SSNT Alumni Relations Coordinator and co-founder of the SRC, Linden Tolhurst, offered some fantastic tips on networking and the importance of seizing all opportunities when finding one's way in professional practice.

The student kitchen was a hive of activity during dinner. Introductions were made that little bit easier after a few SRC networking games. Dinner was catered for by Lentil as Anything and the tea provided came from Gorgeous Tea Company, the business of SSNT studentJacqui O’Keefe.

The SRC would like to thank all of those who donated their time to help prior to, during and after the event. It was greatly appreciated and without the support of others events like this could not take place.

Feedback from the night was excellent and a result the SRC have decided to make the CONNECT Event an annual occurrence, this being the second year that it has taken place.

Contact the SRC

SRC Room
Level 2, Building 25
(opposite the Rooftop Lounge)

Suggestion box

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the SRC? We are always looking for feedback and input from the whole student body at SSNT. Maybe you have a suggestion for an event or an idea for how we can improve our campus.

If so, please place your feedback in the SRC Suggestion Box located in the SRC Room.