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Campus opening information, January 2021


Updated: Monday 11 January 2021

Brisbane campuses will be open from Tuesday 12 January

Lockdown for Greater Brisbane will end today at 6 pm. This means both Brisbane campuses will reopen tomorrow and operate to our designated hours.

Please ensure that you wear a mask while travelling to and from campus, and wear one while on campus if you cannot socially distance from your work colleagues or students.

For more information about restrictions in place go the the Queensland Government COVID-19 site.

Updated: Friday 8 January 2021

We are excited to confirm that from Monday 11 January campuses in Australia will be open for students drop-in and enquiries.

When visiting a campus please adhere to all existing strict COVID protocols for your state, including social distancing, face masks, and check in processes

Specific information, and opening hours, can be found on your campus page.

Brisbane campus

As Greater Brisbane is going into an immediate 3 day lockdown from 6pm, Friday 8 January, this means that both Brisbane campuses will be closed on Monday 11 January.

There will be more information released on Monday as to any ongoing closures in line with QLD Department of Health information. For more information on the lockdown, go the the Queensland Government site.

Please check the Brisbane campus page for specific information.

Fitzroy campus

Fitzroy campus will be open, for Student Services support only, Wednesday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm for the next four weeks (dependent on government health advice). There will be no access to the library during this time. After that we will be open as per usual.

The Practice Wellbeing Centre at Fitzroy will be open as per normal.

Please check the Fitzroy campus page for specific information.

Updated: Monday 4 January 2021

Pyrmont, Ultimo, Fitzroy and Flinders Campuses:

In an endeavour to support our state government in the control and management of the emerging COVID Clusters, we are minimising all traffic to our campuses. Hence, our Pyrmont, Ultimo, Fitzroy and Flinders St campuses will be temporarily closed for general student drop-ins. However, all student inquiries will be serviced, so please contact us:
Additional information for Pyrmont and Fitzroy
Please note that our clinics will be open for all scheduled classes only. We ask that you adhere to the established COVID safety guidelines.

Other NSW campuses:

All other NSW campuses are scheduled to open again on  Monday 11 January, 2021. Please refer back to this page for any updates.

Brisbane and Adelaide campuses:

All campuses in Brisbane and Adelaide are opening as scheduled on Monday 4 January, 2021.

Trimester 1 2021 choices for existing and future students

Providing you with choice – studying on campus or online or combination


Update: Thursday 3 December 

You will begin 2021 with the choice of studying online or on campus in Trimester 1. We want to provide you with the choice of learning experiences in line with your preferences to ensure you achieve your educational goals. For some of you this may mean face-to-face learning, others prefer only online, or you can choose a blend of both options.

This means that when you select your subjects, you can nominate whether to undertake that subject on campus or online. This flexibility will ensure all of our students can study in the environment most suitable for their needs.

Your safety will be our priority so if you do choose to study on campus, you will be assured of a COVID Safe environment in compliance with all government regulations. During this pandemic all of us have a collective responsibility to follow health guidelines, take care and stay safe.

Options may vary from course to course and by subjects depending on availability. You may want to check with your Success Coach or Student Services to confirm your options.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we bringing back face-to-face teaching? 

It's all about choice. We want to provide you with the choice of learning experiences to ensure you achieve your educational goals. For many of you this includes face-to-face learning or combining online and face-to-face. Many students found studying through an online mode challenging in 2020 and are keen to return to on campus learning activities. 

Can I enrol online for one subject but face-to-face for another subject? 

Yes, you may – if that is your preference. 

As an international student, will the change to online learning affect my visa? 

No, it will not affect your current student visa. You can continue studies in the online learning environment according to advice from the University. 

Any remote/online study done due to COVID-19 will also be counted towards the Australian study requirements for a Post-Study Work Visa (PSWR) as long as you have a valid visa during this study. This means that if you start studying online in T1 2021 it will be counted towards your study requirements for PSWR as long as you hold a student visa whilst undertaking this study. 

The Australian Government has recently advised that study completed Online Offshore will count towards the requirements for a Post-Study Work Visa for existing and new student visa holders. 

For further information, please refer to the following government sites: 

Will there be physical distancing requirements on campus? 

As an education provider we are following government health restrictions and guidelines. In classrooms and for some learning activities it may not be possible to maintain physical distance, in which case we have put in place risk control measures which may include wearing masks. 

Our actions are always in line with current government guidelines and will be revised as and when necessary. 

I am immuno-compromised, and I don’t feel comfortable coming back on campus right now. What should I do? 

You have a choice. Online options will be provided for most subjects except those that require an on-campus offering to ensure students can meet the learning outcomes (eg. practical and clinical subjects). 

Previous updates

21 December 2020 - New South Wales - Northern Beaches Lockdown 


NSW Health has been notified of more venues on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sydney’s eastern suburbs that have been visited by confirmed cases of COVID-19.

With the developments around the COVID cases cluster in the Northern Beaches area, and following the latest advice from the NSW Health Department of minimising movement across all of Greater Sydney, Central Coast and the Blue Mountains, the following actions have been taken:

Pyrmont Campus will close for drop-in visits from December 21-23.  All Student Services will be delivered online.  

Ultimo Campus will close for drop-in visits from December 21-23.  All Student Services will be delivered online.

Anyone in NSW with even the mildest symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, cough, sore throat or runny nose, is asked to come forward immediately for testing, then isolate until a negative result is received.

There are more than 300 COVID-19 testing locations across NSW, many of which are open seven days a week. To find your nearest clinic visit COVID-19 clinics or contact your GP.

20 November 2020 - SA Lockdown


There has been an update released by the South Australian government this afternoon announcing that current restrictions in South Australia will end at midnight Saturday 21st November.

This means that the Adelaide Campus will open and revert back to the previous opening hours of 8:00 am through to 6:30 pm from Monday 22nd November.

Classes will continue to be delivered online until the end of your current study period.  For any students who have planned practical due to take place on campus, please consult your lecturer to discuss when you are required to attend campus.

We thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time.

Government update: 20 November

As of 12 pm today, Friday 20 November 2020 exercise outside of your home with members of your household is permitted.
Masks are not mandatory but are encouraged.

Schools will re-open on Monday 23 November 2020.

As of 12:01 am on Sunday 22 November (midnight Saturday) we will revert to similar restrictions that were in place on Monday 16 November 2020.

This includes:

  • 1 person per 4 square metres will apply.
  • All food and beverages will need to be consumed while seated.
  • No dancing
  • Updated gathering provision numbers being:
    • Onsite purchase and consumption of food and beverages- 100 people maximum and no more than 10 people at each table.
    • Funerals- 50 people maximum
    • Weddings- 150 people maximum and registration of all guests with SA Health
    • Religious ceremonies (not including a wedding or funeral)- 100 people maximum
    • Private gatherings- 50 people maximum
    • Private residence- 10 people per house (unless more than 10 people permanently reside at the residence)
  • Personal care workers will need to wear masks.
  • Gyms are permitted to reopen.

We will continue to review all Directions with the aim to open the borders to Victoria on 1 December 2020 as originally planned and further open our state by reducing restrictions.

Please stay connected to this page as we work on the new direction and update all information as quickly as possible.


Important information for South Australian students

Update: Wednesday 18 November

You may now be aware that this afternoon, the South Australian government announced a full lockdown of the state for six days, as of midnight tonight. The measures have been introduced to contain further spread of coronavirus in South Australia, following a COVID-19 cluster breakout in recent days.

As part of the government restrictions, all schools and universities in South Australia will be shut for six days.

As a consequence, our Torrens University Wakefield Street and Pulteney Street campuses will be closed from 5pm tonight.

Who can students contact for further information?
Please contact the Contact Centre: 1300 575 803

What does the shutdown mean for their studies?
There will be no access to any campus facilities for the next 6 days as per government COVID instructions.
All classes will remain being delivered online.
All face to face practical classes (e.g. Nursing and Hospitality) are suspended until further notice. All academic support services will continue to be available online.

What happens at the end of the 6 days of restrictions announced today (18/11/2020)?
We will keep you informed over the next 6 days with any further updates from the state government - if there are any changes.

Please also regularly check news media and the SA health website for the latest information about the wide ranging restrictions which are being introduced in South Australia

Should you need support during this period, please remember that our student counsellors are available for you. Click on this link for their contact email and phone numbers.

From midnight tonight, the following facilities and activities will be closed:

  • all schools (except for children of essential workers)
  • takeaway food outlets
  • universities
  • pubs, cafes, coffee shops, food courts
  • all elective surgery
  • open inspections
  • all outdoor sport
  • factories (except those required for food or medical production)
  • aged care facilities will be locked down (no visitors except for organised end-of-life visits)
  • holiday homes

The following restrictions will also be in place:

  • people must stay at home (except essential service workers)
  • no exercise outside the home
  • 1 person per household per day may leave to purchase groceries
  • no regional travel
  • masks must be worn outdoors
  • no weddings or funerals to take place
  • no construction to take place
  • Fly-in, fly-out workers on standby

The following essential services can remain open:

  • water, power and telecommunications services
  • supermarkets (with limited access)
  • medical facilities (including mental health services)
  • public transport
  • airports and essential freight services
  • petrol stations
  • post offices and banking institutions
  • mining and smelting operations, and factories that must be maintained
  • childcare facilities for families of essential workers
  • some government services
  • veterinary services
  • essential agricultural services


27 July 2020 - Classes remain online for Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 July 


A reminder that the following campuses are open for student walk-ins. Students can access a computer, wi-fi, self-study areas, or simply drop-in for a chat. We are here if you need us. 

All other campuses remain closed.

Adelaide, SA

Wakefield Street Campus

Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

Brisbane, QLD


Bowen Terrace Campus

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

  • Open to Bowen & Gotha students

Sydney, NSW






Ultimo Campus

Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm

  • Design Technology Store services will be open on Mondays and Fridays between 10am-4pm. See the Student Hub for more details on equipment bookings and the services available.
  • Ground Floor Photography Studio will once again open on Fridays and Saturdays. Bookings are essential and are available on the Student Hub.

The Rocks Campus

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm 

  • Open to The Rocks, Town Hall, Kent Street Business & Kent Street TULC students

Pyrmont Campus

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

  • Open to Pyrmont & Kent Street Nursing students


Updated: Monday 20 July 

Important note: Classes remain online from Trimester 2

A reminder that the following campuses are open for student walk-ins. Students from these campuses are welcome to come to the campuses to access a computer, wi-fi, self-study areas, or simply drop-in for a chat. We are here if you need us. 

All other campuses remain closed:

  • Wakefield Street Campus, Adelaide, South Australia – Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm
  • Bowen Terrace Campus, Brisbane, QLD – Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm 
  • Ultimo Campus, Sydney, NSW – Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
    • Design Technology Store services will be open on Mondays and Fridays between 10am-4pm. See the Student Hub for more details on equipment bookings and the services available.
    • Ground Floor Photography Studio will once again open on Fridays and Saturdays. Bookings are essential and are available on the Student Hub.
  • The Rocks Campus, Sydney, NSW will - Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm,
    • Open to The Rocks students, Town Hall students, Business & TULC Kent Street students 

Pyrmont Campus, Sydney, NSW will be open from Monday 27 July to all Pyrmont students and Nursing students from Kent Street.

It’s important to begin by saying that we will continue to deliver courses 100% online

Underpinning our plan forward is our focus on classes and assessments remaining 100% online. We will continue this approach of online learning to ensure consistency in our delivery of high-quality education to you. This offers maximum flexibility in case any future COVID-19 incidents require reviews of social distancing measures. It also provides you with a seamless education experience.

Why we are introducing a staged return to campus

We feel it is important to implement a staged return to campus to:

  • ensure requirements for practical components are met;
  • help break the isolation of our students studying remotely by providing the choice to participate in Campus Community Experience sessions. 

These Campus Community Experience sessions are provided at no extra cost to our students. The hours are in addition to the time already allocated to online learning.

We have established a roadmap towards a staged return to campuses

In Trimester 2, there are two components of face-to-face interaction that will be rolled out gradually, state by state: 

1. On-campus practical assessments in all states and certain campuses 

We will prioritise practical and compulsory learning that requires face-to-face delivery for students to complete their assessments. These are subjects such as laboratory-based components of the nursing degree, which must happen face-to-face.  

Practical face-to-face components will be rolled out progressively and managed very carefully in light of COVID-19, beginning with Trimester 1 subjects that were delayed due to disruptions.

Program Directors will contact our impacted students directly with further information.

2. Campus Community Experience – an invitation for every student to return to campus and participate in a face to face experience  

We are offering our students the choice to participate in face-to-face campus experiences. These are additional and non-compulsory to your studies.

Campus Community Experiences will be bookable three-hour sessions, which will aim to break the isolation of students studying remotely. The sessions will enhance student connection, health, wellbeing, knowledge and experience, and are entirely optional for all students.

Campus Community Experiences will not replace or duplicate academic studies online. Instead, these sessions will involve group discussions and skills development around topics of interest to students (e.g. networking, career planning, building resilience), along with the chance to access a range of facilities and equipment on campus.

How we will manage the Campus Community Experience

  • Campus Community Experiences will be bookable three-hour sessions, which will aim to break the isolation of students studying remotely.
  • In each session, there will be a half-time component for self-directed study and accessing facilities. This approach has been informed on feedback about the importance of students accessing facilities and equipment.
  • Students will be able to book in for a Campus Community Experience session and further details of this process will be communicated closer to the time.


We will roll this out gradually, in a state by state approach

This reflects the different incidence of COVID-19 in the four states where our campuses are located.

The proposed dates of commencement are: 

  • On-campus practical assessments in all states and certain campuses
    Starting from 1 June - Adelaide (Wakefield St), Flinders St, Pyrmont, William Blue Dining and Gotha St for Nursing, Health and Hospitality.
    Program Directors will contact students directly about practical on-campus assessment.
  • Campus Community Experiences  
    • 15 June - Wakefield Street Campus, Adelaide, South Australia (BIS, Public Health) 
    • 29 June - Bowen Terrace Campus, Brisbane, QLD (BIS, Public Health) 
    • 13 July - Ultimo Campus, Sydney. NSW (Design) 
    • Mid July - Victoria and all other courses/students in the four states

As noted above, we will begin with specific courses and campuses, gradually expanding. You will be able to book in for a Campus Community Experience session and further details of this process will be communicated closer to the time.

At every stage, we have endeavoured to be transparent about our approach. We will continue to do so as we move forward.

Importantly we have continuously aligned our approach with advice from government. The efforts to manage COVID-19 remains a key consideration.

But, we must do this in a way that ensures flexibility and agility, to manage the ongoing challenges of COVID.


We know that this is a time of change and adjustment. It is a journey we are all on together. We thank you for your continued support, feedback and we will ensure to keep you up-to-date with more information as it comes.

If you have any questions, please e-mail 


State Government COVID-19 information

Please refer to your state government website for specific COVID-19 restrictions, health recommendations and travel information.

Check-in to stay COVID safe on-campus

Updated: Tuesday 25 August

As part of our commitment to ensuring your health and safety on-campus, we’ve recently launched a new check-in process that will allow us to meet social distancing guidelines. For those with the Student App, we’ve added a new function that will allow you to check-in via the app!  

It's a quick and easy way to check-in and out whenever you visit us by simply scanning a QR code. It plays an important part of enabling us to manage the number of people on campus. Please also be assured that your privacy will be safeguarded and this information will be for internal use only. 

Check out all the details below. 

What you need to do

It’s simple!   

  1. You’ll need to first make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Student App (available via the App Store or Google Play).   
  2. Tap on the lock icon within the app to scan the QR code as you arrive on-campus (you’ll see posters at key locations) 
  3. Don’t forget to check out when you leave 

What you need to do if you're a Fitzroy or Blue Mountains student 

For our Fitzroy campus or Blue Mountains students, here's what you'll need to do: 

  1. Open camera and hover over QR code. When prompted, tap the link and authorise to open the site in your browser (if required). 
  2. Follow instructions to allow location services (if required, guide available on the site). 
  3. Select the option 'I am a student' 
  4. Use your student O365 account details to sign in (follow the verification process if required). 
  5. Don’t forget to check-out when you leave