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Fitzroy Student Hub: Learning support

Learning support

Studying at university can be challenging. You have to do more than just attend class to be a successful student.

The library and learning support teams will work together with you so you gain the vital skills required for achieving academic success. We can help with:

  • Information skills
  • How to find and use the best information for your assessments
  • Academic skills
  • Improving your writing, planning and study skills
  • Technology skills
  • Showing you how to use learning technology efficiently

These services are available online, via email, or face to face. Simply attend a workshop or make an appointment with your learning support team today.

Academic honesty (integrity)

Any form of cheating, plagiarism or collusion, or other forms of dishonesty, devalues the quality of student learning and undermines the academic standards of Think Education. There are serious consequences for students who do not act honestly and with integrity during their studies.


Plagiarism occurs when a student submits work for assessment which includes the words or ideas of others without appropriate attribution or reference to the original author.

Collusion occurs when a student is assisted, or assists another, assisting other students in the preparation and production of an assessment or helps them plagiarise or cheat during an exam.

Ghostwriting occurs where a person other than the student has written all, or part of, an assessment, but the student has presented it as their own work.

Where can I find more about academic integrity?

Academic skills and learning support

Academic Skills

The academic expectations at the tertiary level differ from secondary education in many ways. One of them is the writing style. At Torrens University and Think Education, students are expected to use Academic Writing, which is the style of writing that researchers and scholars use to convey complex concepts and ideas. To give you a head start, the Learning Support team has designed some specialized workshops that are beneficial for your learning journey

To register for the workshop, please email

Academic Skills Workshops

Library Training Room, Building 35




Tuesday 26 Feb

9 am-10 am

Learning How to Learn

Wednesday  27 Feb

10 am-11 am

Leveraging on preferred Learning Styles to ace the subject

Thursday 28 Feb

1 pm- 2 pm

Understanding and unpacking Assessment Briefs

Monday 4 Mar

3 pm-4 pm

Critical Reading (How to read journal articles)

Tuesday 5 Mar

11 am-12 pm

APA 6th Edition Referencing

Thursday 7 Mar

10 am-11 am

Academic Writing : Basic

Tuesday 12 Mar

10 am-11 am

Academic Writing: Essay, Report, Case Study

Wednesday 13 Mar

10 am-11 am

Academic Writing: Paraphrasing & Summarising

Thursday 14 Mar

9 am-10 am

Journal Article Review/ Literature Review

Monday 18 Mar

3 pm- 3.30 pm

Preparing digital Power Point Slides/ videos

Wednesday 20 Mar


Study tips & Memorization Techniques

Tuesday 26 Mar

10 am -11 am

Coherence and Cohesion within the Paragraph

Tuesday  2 April


Examination Tips

For any inquiries, contact Michelle Voon (Academic Skills Facilitator) on  03 9415 3390 or email

Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Whether you are a top performer or could use some improvement, you will benefit from the skills and understanding gained from attending PASS. PASS sessions are facilitated by senior students who have excelled in these subjects. Many students each year find these subjects challenging, and PASS is a great way to help get through it together!

PASS is the international standard for peer-assisted learning and runs in over 2000 institutions worldwide. Students who attend 5 or more PASS sessions achieve, on average, 10 marks higher on their assessments.

PASS Sessions run for one hour and are a safe, fun learning environment. These sessions are run by students, for students. Bring any questions you have and work together with your peers to enhance your grades.

Let's get together and PASS!

Trimester 3 PASS

On-campus sessions: Drop in during the session times. No need to book.

Online sessions: Face to face and FOL students may join online PASS sessions via the subject's Blackboard page, through sessions scheduled in 'collaborate live web conference'. All sessions will be recorded for viewing later.

On campus sessions

Subject Day/time Room
BHS104A A&P 2 Wednesday - NEW TIME 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM T2

Science Success

Are you enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology 1 or Bioscience this trimester?
Never studied a science subject before?
Has it been ages since you studied science?

Then Science Success is just what you need. Science Success is a learning module designed for new students entering a higher education degree at SSNT and will get you started with Science and Maths basics required in your course of study.

New and current students are welcome to attend.

Science Success on-campus

Check the current trimester schedule and register at Getting Oriented.

Science Success on Blackboard

Science Success handouts can be found on Blackboard by clicking on the Student Resources tab. You will find the Science Success link under Academic Resources (the middle column).

What will I learn?

Maths & Chemistry workshop

Maths: At the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Transpose an equation
  • Perform some common unit conversions
  • Calculate a percentage of a given quantity
  • Write numbers in index notation

Chemistry: At the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Distinguish between elements & compounds
  • Understand the properties of the three states of matter & changes in state
  • Identify chemical symbols on the periodic table
  • Identify metals, metalloids & non-metals on the periodic table
  • Understand the structure of the atom
Human Biology & Medical Terminology workshop

Human Biology: At the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of homeostasis.
  • List the eleven body systems and the organs that make up each system.
  • Explain the structure of the human cell

Medical Terminology: At the end of this session you should be able to:

  • name & identify components of medical words
  • split medical words into their components
  • build medical words using word components

Self-directed learning options

Your Learning Portal has several helpful classes to support your learning success.

  • O-Orientation - learn key terms, support services, how to set up a study space, and more (lots more). Plus, you'll get to meet other students just like you.
  • Essential Learning Skills- this class is not graded and is a useful introduction to online learning and the academic skills.
  • Learning with Technology- will help you learn how to navigate Blackboard. You can find the link on your Blackboard homepage under the 'My Organisations' heading.
  • Academic skills on Blackboard- self-paced tutorials

For Library and research skills check out:

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Support contacts

Learning Support Hub

Academic Skills Facilitator
Michelle Voon

Learning Technology Advisor
Emma Hargrave

03 9415 3301

Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS)​​