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Fitzroy Student Hub: Intensive study periods

Intensive study periods

Summer School?

Summer School is an intensive study period, usually held in January. The course content is the same as a standard 12 week trimester but delivered in a much shorter period of time.

Keep in mind the commitment required to complete an intensive study period (12 weeks of content in 6 weeks) and the date that trimester 1 commences, as this is usually very close to the end of Summer School.

Who can enrol in Summer School?

Current students who need to catch up and get their course progression back on track.
Summer School is not suitable for students who want to fast-track their course.

What subjects will be offered?

Subjects offered are dependent on student progression needs and are assessed by the Program Directors.
Subjects can vary from year to year and there is no guarantee that Summer School will be offered every year.

When is Summer School information available?

If Summer School is running, the subjects being offered, timetable, and enrolment information is usually available in the middle of trimester 3 each year.

Summer School 2019

Subject: BHS105A-2019-T4-1 Biochemistry 1
Class details: on-campus 3 hours workshop (Thursday 10am to 1pm - may be subject to change) and 3 hours online

Duration: 5 weeks (+ 1 week for final assessment submission)

Mid-trimester intake

A mid-trimester intake subject covers the same course content as a standard 12 week trimester, but is delivered in six weeks.

Who can enrol in a mid-trimester intake?

New students who may not have been accepted to their course in time for the start of the 12 week trimester and want to get studying as soon as possible.

Current students enrolled in three (3) subjects or less who wish to pick up an extra subject during the trimester.

Students on leave who wish to return to study early.

What subjects will be offered?

Subjects can vary from year to year and there is no guarantee that mid-trimester intakes will be offered each study period.

2018 Trimester 2B information

Start date: Monday 16th July

Subject: BHS103A-2018-T2B-9 Counselling & Communication Skills

This is a Flexible Online Learning (FOL )subject but will have several touch-points on campus during the study period. These dates/times are to be confirmed.

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Intensive study period key dates

Summer School 2019

Start date: Monday 7th January 2019
Census date: Friday 18th January 2019
End date: Friday 15th February 2019