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Student Hub: Wellbeing & Diversity

Wellbeing & Diversity

Your campus provides free and confidential counselling to all face-to-face and online students enrolled in Australia. This non-judgmental service does not diagnose; we only listen and help you explore areas of concern and work on strategies that can assist you.

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Our Disability Services help you gain access to reasonable adjustments and can provide advice to all students regarding support services.

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Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Advisor is on hand to support Indigenous students with advice on scholarships and other tools to help you successfully complete your studies. 

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We are committed to creating a healthy, safe and respectful culture that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our community of students and staff.  Learn more about how we can create a safe and respectful campus for all.

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“Torrens University & THINK Education is committed to the health and safety of all people who work, study, visit our campuses and other workplaces or have the potential to be affected by our activities”.

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Torrens University supports the needs of all our students to ensure they all have an equal opportunity for success. We are committed to creating a culture that both welcomes and embraces diversity (on campus and online). 

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