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Student Hub: Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Studying overseas allows you to expand your horizons, learn from a different culture, gain experience and make life-long friendships

Study overseas with Torrens University

The Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs are available to eligible Australian domestic students who wish to study at an overseas partner university for one trimester.

What is Study Abroad?

Study Abroad students pay tuition fees directly to the host university and defer for one trimester at Torrens University Australia. Upon their return to Torrens, study abroad students receive Advance Standing for the units studied overseas. Torrens can use Fee-Help in order to pay for host university fees and the amount will be charged back to the student’s overall debt.

What is Student Exchange?

Student Exchange students remain enrolled at Torrens University Australia during the trimester they spend studying overseas. Depending on the arrangement, exchange might require students to pay fees either at Torrens or at the exchange university.

  • The Student Exchange program is not available at all partner universities. In this case you will need to apply for a Study Abroad program.
  • There may be a limit on how many students may participate in a Student Exchange at a host university at one time. If this limit has already been reached you will need to apply for a Study Abroad program.


    Travel Restrictions

    Due to the COVID-19 cases around the world, Torrens University Australia has suspended all outgoing student international mobility for the near future. All programs will be reviewed prior to delivery in relation to travel advisories and student health and safety, and may not proceed if the University is not confident of both. We recommend that students do not book travel until the programs are confirmed and we will endeavour to do this as far as possible in advance.

Upcoming Info Session - 2pm (ACST) Friday, 27 May 2022

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How do I know if I’m eligible?

To be eligible for Study Abroad or Student Exchange, you must adhere to the following criteria:

·       Have a minimum credit average in your results 

·       Study Abroad and Exchange is available only for Bachelors students

·       Studying a Design, Business or Hospitality degree

·       Have an Australian passport or visa approval to travel and study offshore

Factors to consider:

·       The number of exchange places at the host institution can often be limited

·       Not all courses offer exchange or study abroad within the course

·       You must study a full-time load of on campus subjects at your host institution

Application deadline is subject to the start date of Torrens University trimester and the start date of the host university.

Application Process

Step 1 – Check your eligibility

At the time of application, you must meet the following requirements:

-    Be enrolled in a Bachelor's degree at Torrens University Australia in the trimester of application.
-    Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, or as otherwise approved by the University.
-    Have successfully completed at least 60 credit points of study towards a degree, excluding credit transferred from an external institution;

Step 2 – Find a partner university

-    Look at the list of participating institutions in the Student Hub – Study abroad to find a partner that offers courses where you are eligible to receive credits on your study plan.

Step 3 – Get a study plan approved

-    It is compulsory to have a study plan approved in order to participate in the TUA exchange program.

Step 4 – Prepare application documents

-    Approved study plan
-    One-page statement of purpose
-    Copy of passport


Allow three to six months of planning prior to your mobility date. This includes:

  • Subject mapping
  • Approval from your Program Director
  • Receiving and accepting your Letter of Offer from the host university
  • Applying for your visa
  • Preparing for your departure.

We recommend you study elective subjects abroad. It is easier to gain course credit for elective subjects than core subjects.

If you have already competed your elective subjects your Program Director will need to map one for one subjects for you.

In both instances, contact the study abroad team who can assist you in your subject selections via email.

There is no guarantee that subjects selected will be available during the semester intake at any one given time at any of our partner institutions.

What government grants are available?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Department of Education and Training administer programs that provide funding students to different regions in the world.

Torrens University Australia (TUA) has received Australian Government Grants through the New Colombo Plan, to foster and increase mobility to the Indo-Pacific Region. This is your chance to experience a new culture, make life-long friends and gain industry connections all while receiving credit towards your TUA degree.

Government funding (grants are limited; varies year to year). 


How do I know if I’m eligible?

For all Government Funding students must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen
  • Be enrolled in a bachelor degree for the duration of the mobility program
  • Be willing to assist in promoting TUA abroad and the Exchange program


What grants are available?

Study abroad in China

Where: Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute (STFI)
Funds: $5,000
Length of study: 3 months, 6 months or 12 months
Specialisation: Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)
Year 2 Hospitality students can undertake 6 months’ study at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Suzhou + additional 6 months’ internship in Suzhou. Business students can undertake a trimester abroad in Suzhou if subjects are approved by faculty.
When: April, August, November 2020 or February 2021


Study abroad in Taiwan

Where: Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation
Funds: $5,000
Length of study: 8 weeks
Specialisation: Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine)

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) students are required to enrol into CHM301A Internal Medicine 1 and complete the online material and associated assessments for the subject, combined with supplementary material delivered by the TzuChi hospital staff, designed to meet the subject's Learning outcomes and enhance the students' learning.
  • Students must have successfully completed Pharmacology 1, Pharmacology 2 and CM Formulas. 
  • Not yet completed the CHM301A Internal Medicine 1 subject.

When: T3 2020 (Exact dates TBC)


Study abroad in Thailand

Where: Stamford International University in Bangkok
Funds: $3,000 to $5,000
Length of study: 2 weeks to 12 weeks
Specialisation: Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Communication Design and Bachelor of Media Design students.
When: July, November 2020 or March 2021


Study abroad in India

Where: Pearl Academy
Funds: $5,000
Length of study: 2 to 4 weeks
Specialisation: Design (Common core SEN301 Social Enterprise; 301A Work Integrated Learning);
When: 2020 (Exact dates TBC)


How do I apply for a grant?

  • Email us with your name, course and student ID.
  • Statement of purpose 
    • Why do you want to undertake the Study Abroad?
    • Why did you choose the destination campus?
    • What do you wish to achieve during this time?
    • What extra steps will you take to ensure that you achieve your goals?
    • How will you apply your experience to your future studies and career?
  • Academic transcript

The decision of who will receive this funding is at the discretion of the Student Mobility team

Grant requirements

  • Successful applicants will be required to provide a written report upon completion of their Study Abroad describing their experience and if their goals were achieved
  • be ambassadors of the University during their time overseas;
  • Participate in activities as a condition of the mobility program, including, but not limited to, activities at the host campus and assisting in the promotion of the University programs.

Overseas partner universities



The partnerships are being renewed for 2022 and will be updated here soon.


Partner universities - Study Abroad

The Study Abroad partnerships are being renewed for next year and will be updated here soon.


Partner universities - Exchange

Find out more about the courses available at our partner universities in 2020 and 2021.

Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) - Milan, Italy

Courses in:

  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Communication Design

Academic Dates:

  • Dedicated Fall 2022: August 28  – December 13 
  • Dedicated Spring 2023: January 15 – May 8 
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Academic Application Form – All students must apply through Torrens University Student Mobility Office.

  • Dedicated semester classes are specifically for international students 


  • Student Exchange: Torrens University fees only

Student Exchange agreement:

Up to 3 students in one calendar year between January to December are able to study at NABA without paying host institution fees. These students remain enrolled at Torrens University and pay fees to Torrens University  for their semester abroad.


NABA’s dedicated housing office assists students in finding, securing and paying for accommodation through their third-party providers. More information can be found on their dedicated housing website.

Applying for an Italian student visa:

Students are required to apply for a Long-Term Italian National Visa to stay within Italy from 91 to 365 days. Note, the Schengen visa waiver is for those remaining in Italy up until 90 days.

Students are required to book a visa appointment online via the consulate’s website and must attend the appointment in person.

Students must provide the following to the Italian Consulate in-person:

  • Official Letter of Offer from NABA in hard-copy
  • Return flight itinerary and receipt of payment both in hard-copy
  • Accommodation confirmation and receipt of payment for the duration of the stay both in hard-copy
  • Physical passport (no scan, pdf, photos of passport). Passport must have a minimum of three months validity beyond the end of the intended stay in Italy
  • Hard-copy of one passport-size photo – Torrens University recommends Australia Post for accurate passport photos
  • Hard-copy of scanned first page of passport
  • Pre-filled National Visa Application Form in hard-copy
  • Hard-copy of bank statement showing transactions for the previous 30 days, with an AUD balance of at least €10,000 equivalent for a visa of 365 days, or a proportional amount if staying less (€27.39 per day for the exact duration of the student’s intended stay as specified on the Letter of Offer) The resulting amount is required with no exceptions even when all travel expenses have already been paid for.
  • Letter from Torrens University Australia confirming the student’s enrollment in the course at NABA in hard-copy
  • Hard copy of Australian driver’s license or of other proof of address
  • Students will NOT be granted an Italian student visa if they have not successfully provided the above information as specified.
  • All requirements must be fulfilled, and all documents must be submitted in hard copy upon applying for a visa at the interview.
  • The Consulate will not accept email forwarding or electronic screenshots during the interview).

Universidad Europea - Madrid, Spain

Courses in:

  • Foundation Health
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Event Management
  • Sports Management
  • International Relation
  • Commerce
  • Architecture
  • Media Studies and Multimedia

Academic Dates

  • Semester 1: TBC
  • Semester 2: TBC
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Academic Application Form – All students must apply through Torrens University Student Mobility Office.



Student Exchange agreement:

Up to 6 students in one calendar year between January to December are able to study at UEM without paying host institution fees. These students remain enrolled at Torrens University and pay fees to Torrens University for their semester abroad.


Universidad Europea de Madrid offers fully managed on-campus dorms for students. Information on student dorms can be found here.

University of Applied Sciences Europe - Berlin, Germany

Courses in:

  • Photography
  • Communication Design
  • Interior Design
  • Business
  • Management

Academic dates:

  • Summer Semester 2022: TBC
  • Winter Semester 2022: TBC
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Nomination deadlines: Summer Semester - 15 November / Winter Semester - 15 May
  • Academic Application Form – All students must apply through Torrens University Student Mobility Office.



Student Exchange agreement:

Up to 6 design students and 3 business students in one calendar year between January to December are able to study at University of Applied Sciences Europe without paying host institution fees. These students remain enrolled at Torrens University and pay fees to Torrens University for their semester abroad.


University of Applied Sciences Europe will advise accommodation options for students before enrollment.

Pearl Academy - Mumbai and New Delhi, India

Courses in:

  • Fashion Design
  • Communication Design
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing

Academic Dates:

  • TBC
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Academic Application Form – All students must apply through Torrens University Student Mobility Office.



Student Exchange agreement:

Up to 6 design and business students in one calendar year between January to December are able to study at Pearl Academy without paying host institution fees. These students remain enrolled at Torrens University and pay fees to Torrens University for their semester abroad.


Applying for a Fully Funded Virtual Internship

Build your professional skills to help grow your career and open doors through an intercultural virtual internship in your chosen field!

Torrens is elated to announce that the following programs will be fully funded for eligible students through the New Colombo Plan mobility grants.

Global Innovation Internship (27 Sept - 26 Nov 2021)

For practical hands-on experience in the field (and beyond).

The Virtual Global Innovation Internship truly takes your ambition, employability and networks to the next level. You can make friends with Aussies, learn startup skills from Silicon Valley experts, network with tech professionals in Tel Aviv, and choose an internship in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China, or India!

Applications close 8 August. Get in quick!

Asia-Pacific Innovation Program (24 Jan - 4 Feb 2022)                                                                    

For dedicated startup explorers who want to go beyond the horizon line.                                                      

The aim of the game is to build your network and rapidly developing your ideas. Bring your electrolytes and peanut butter, because this is a brain-expandingly intense two weeks. With a cohort of fellow devotees, you'll go far and fast. Want an unfair advantage? Come along with an idea or an existing startup under your belt. Singapore is your virtual home base, with ‘day trips’ to Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan. You’ll get all the career benefits of a global HEX program with none of the jet lag.    

Applications assessed on a rolling basis.

Virtual Internships in Japan, China and Hong Kong                                                                        

Your virtual internship will be primarily project-based, with either one larger project over the course of the internship or several smaller ongoing assignments. Regardless of how many you undertake, each project will be substantive and you can be sure you are contributing to the business in a meaningful way. While this program allows for flexibility and independence, you will also have plenty of guidance and support from a designated supervisor.                                                                                                                       

Applications assessed on a rolling basis. Check the job board here.

To be eligible you MUST:

  • Be enrolled in a Bachelor Degree at Torrens University Australia
  • Have Australian citizenship
  • Have not yet completed the subject “WIL302 Work Integrated Learning”

You will be required to enrol into the Torrens University subject “WIL302 Work Integrated Learning” and complete the associated assessments for the subject. This, combined with supplementary tasks delivered by your virtual internship will enhance your learning outcomes and complete your overall student result.

Are you ready to get started? Email your expression of interest.

2022 New Colombo Plan  (NCP) Scholarship Round

Apply for a prestigious scholarship to live, study and intern for a period of three to 19 months in eligible host countries in the Indo-Pacific.

The Australian Government New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study, research and undertake internships in the region. These prestigious scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants for study in eligible host countries in the Indo-Pacific. These Scholarships cover expenses associated with travel, tuition fees, health and travel insurance. A monthly spending allowance is also included.

NCP Scholars undertake offshore programs including study, language training, internship and/or mentorship for up to 19 months.


You must:

  • be an Australian citizen (applicants cannot undertake their scholarship in a host location in which they hold dual citizenship or permanent residency);
  • be between 18 and 30 years of age (inclusive) on 1 January 2022 for non-Indigenous Applicants or between 18 and 35 years of age (inclusive) for Indigenous Applicants, on 1 January 2022.
  • have achieved a minimum 70 percent graded average or equivalent for your undergraduate degree at the time of application, as determined by Torrens University Australia.

How to apply

Round One – TUA selection process

  1. Each Applicant must read the Guidelines and the sample Scholarship agreement which can be found at GrantConnect or downloaded below
  2. Complete the attached application form and email to
  3. Students must consider study abroad studies at the same time as completing an NCP scholarship application. The proposed undergraduate studies must be credit-bearing studies, which must be approved by the student's Program Director.
  4. Applications will be assessed and shortlisted by a panel of TUA staff.

Round Two – DFAT Selection process

If your round one application is successful, you will be nominated to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for consideration. The final selection process will be administered by DFAT

COVID-19 and Travel information

Due to pandemic travel restrictions, there will be flexibility to allow scholars to commence their NCP program in the second half of 2022 or defer to 2023 if required, depending on when travel restrictions are lifted to host locations. Virtual delivery of elements of the NCP program will be also considered.


Your Study Abroad Team

Torrens University Australia has partnered with CISaustralia to offer additional study abroad options at other universities Network.


Providing semester abroad experiences in the USA, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia for undergraduate students studying Business, Graphic Design and Media, Fashion Design and Architecture, Journalism, Communication, Public Relations and Marketing, and Health Sciences.

Torrens works alongside CISaustralia to create a study abroad plan for individual students and we work with your Program Director to map appropriate subjects for you to gain credit towards your degree at Torrens.

CISAustralia works with a range of world-renowned universities such as The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), University of Roehampton, London, Aix-en-Provence, France, The University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business, Canada, Dublin City University, Ireland, University of Economics, Czech Republic and  Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica, to name a few.


The price of study abroad programs through CISAustralia can range from $3000 to $9000, inclusive of accommodation, depending on the location and host university.


Applying for a CISAustralia program

Step 1:

Contact the Student Mobility Team at and a Study Abroad officer will assist you in subject mappings, along with your Program Director

Step 2:

Fill out the CISaustralia Study Abroad Online Application

Step 3:

CISAustralia will assess your application and will conduct a phone interview with you. Successful applications receive a dedicated Program Officer to assist you in your study abroad journey.

An initial deposit of $500 applies to most study abroad programs; a deposit of $750 applies to applicants for US programs and a deposit of $2250 applies to multi-country program applicants. The deposit is not an extra fee; it is part of your overall study program fee. Applicants can refer to the Program Essentials document in their Portal for details on how to pay program fees.

Step 4:

When the program deposit is received, you will receive access to a Participant Portal. CISaustralia will send you an official Program Confirmation via email as well as information on what is required prior to departure.

Step 5:

When the Program Confirmation is received via email, you can make your travel arrangements. You will be required to make program payments in accordance with the CISaustralia Fees and Payment Policy and full payment of program fees is due 60 days prior to the program start date.

Pre - departure

Studying overseas allows you to expand your horizons, learn from a different culture, gain experience and make life-long friendships. While this is a life-changing experience it can also be a little daunting to begin with and Torrens wants to make sure you are prepared, ready and excited before you embark on your new adventure.


Here are a few things to help you organize your overseas study experience

  • Passport with up to 12 months’ validity
  • Create a savings bank account to support yourself financially while overseas 
  • Subject mapping approved by your Program Director: what you will study at the host university and which Torrens subjects you will gain credit for
  • Ensure to check student visa requirements through the Consulate of the host country in Australia before applying for your visa and adhere to the visa requirements
  • Organize accommodation, flights and health insurance
  • Save (and print) all important documents on your laptop, email and mobile. These documents include a copy of your passport, Letter of Offer from host university, flight itinerary, health insurance and payment proof of accommodation
  • Use google maps to make yourself familiar with the location of the host university, your accommodation and the city center
  • Pack mobile and laptop chargers, charger adaptors, summer and winter clothing and essential medication such as Panadol
  • Download Skype to your mobile and apply $5 credit in case you need to make a 1800 or 1300 call to Australia in an emergency
  • Download WhatsApp messenger app on your mobile to call and text friends and family back home
  • Make yourself familiar with local telecommunication providers to purchase a local sim card
  • Organize a taxi, train ticket or pick up from the airport upon arrival to your destination
  • Practice greetings and basic phrases in the language of the country you are travelling to
  • Check the currency and exchange rate of the country you are travelling to and purchase some local currency
  • Ensure to bring two cash cards or visa debit cards attached to two separate accounts

Student Testimonials

Live the dream, study overseas



University of Applied Sciences Europe

Ruben East, Bachelor of Communication Design

Mobility Date: March to July 2018




"Countries outside of Australia are so different from anything here! You learn so much just by leaving the country and you learn so much more by living there! The opportunity is to learn things you cannot learn from google".



Stamford International University

Madison Browne, Bachelor of Business (Event Management)

Mobility Date: March to July 2018





"The best part about my experience has been the people I have met. Not only the local Thai people but also the other exchange students. I have met people from all over Europe and Asia and it has been so amazing! I now can say I have friends all over the world".



INTI University

Stella Gan, Bachelor of Commerce

Mobility Date: May to August 2017




"I wanted to add another level to my university experience. I wanted to gain a new perspective of the world and step out of my comfort zone and to be more independent, bold and mature. I believe overall, it's been a huge opportunity for personal growth and development".


Sarah Bagala:

Explore the cultural, culinary and design richness that India has to offer.

Hear from Sarah who studied part of her Bachelor of Communication Design course abroad at our partner university, Pearl Academy in Mumbai, India.

Chloe Vanderwal:

Experience studying at one of Asia’s most multicultural and international campuses, Stamford International University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hear from Chloe, Bachelor of Business (Event Management) student who had the chance to organise a major ticketed student event on campus as part of her assessment!

Maddie Browne:

Challenge yourself personally, professionally and academically through a study abroad experience in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hear from Maddie who realised her potential having spent four months abroad learning about a new culture and making long-lasting friendships

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