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Student Hub: Special Announcement

Announcing the sale of Torrens University Australia, Think Education & Media Design School

As you know, Torrens University and Think Education are part of Laureate Education, Inc. which is based in the United States.

On  Wednesday 29 July, Laureate Education announced it entered an agreement with US education provider Strategic Education, Inc. about the sale of Torrens University and Think Education.

Please see our FAQs on this below.

Watch this special Town Hall about future of Torrens University and Think Education

The announcement on Wednesday 29 July of the sale of Torrens University and Think Education has created quite some buzz. Our Vice Chancellor Alwyn Louw, and CEO and President Linda Brown took questions from students in a special Town Hall broadcast on Friday 31 July, 2020.

Catch up below.


How does a changed ownership structure impact currently enrolled students?

The change in ownership structure will have no impact on our students.

How does this transfer of ownership benefit our students?

This transfer of ownership ensures continuity of commitments we have made to our students about choice and accessibility to quality education for all, commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, and ensuring rigour in research and post graduate studies. Strategic Education is also committed to investing in Torrens, Think and MDS, which will benefit future students.

Will the University’s programs, degrees and/or curriculum change?

No. Strategic Education Inc. has informed us that their intent is to ensure the continuation of a strong academic experience for students and our continued strong position as a leader in the higher education community.

How does this transaction affect Torrens University's accreditation?

Torrens University will retain its current accreditation with TEQSA – as our Academic Board and Governing Board have not changed.

Will the curriculum change while I am enrolled?

No, there should be no significant curriculum changes as a result of the change in ownership at this time. Both TUA/THINK/MDS and Strategic Education Inc. intend to minimise any disruption to current students’ paths to completion.

Will it take longer to graduate because of the change in ownership?

No, there should not be any additional time to graduation due to the change in ownership.

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