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Student Hub: Careers & Industry

Careers Connect


Careers Connect is a platform that connects students, employers and success coaches.

Careers Connect is a digital Career Development Centre available to you on demand where you can access:

  • mock interviews
  • resume writing advice
  • career related document uploads for feedback
  • direct interaction with industry and success coaches
  • search & apply for internships/placements, casual jobs, volunteer opportunities 
  • view and RSVP to career events & guest speakers 

Careers Connect helps you develop employability skills and plan your life after study with confidence.

Career Advice and Coaching

Career Advice & Coaching is provided by your Success Coach.

From your first weeks, our Success Coaches can help you identify your career goals and learn more about potential industries and employers by:

  • working with you through the processes of researching companies;
  • writing applications and resumes, and
  • getting you ready for that all-important interview.

Connecting with Industry

While you study you will have many opportunities to connect with industry.

Our Industry Team works closely with your lecturers and Success Coaches to immerse industry into every element of your learning experience.
Note: If you are studying Diploma of Travel and Tourism, please contact

Industry in the classroom

We work closely with your lecturers to bring industry guest speakers into your classrooms - even if you study online. This is to give you the opportunity to learn how current trends relate to the theory you study.

Our guest speakers are from highly successful organisations. They serve as great role models, and provide you with the chance to imagine yourself in similar positions in the not-so-distant future.

Getting an industry perspective on a subject is refreshing. It creates deeper understanding and relevance of how theoretical principles are applied in the real world.

Industry Events

Our Industry Consultants regularly host industry events on every campus and via webinar, to connect industry with our students and our Alumni.

You can find all events on the Careers Connect portal.

Work Experience

Our Industry Consultants secure a broad range of opportunities for students such as:

  • industry placements
  • internships
  • part-time work
  • volunteering jobs
  • live briefs
  • projects, and
  • competitions

Log in to Careers Connect to find these.

Don't forget to use Careers Connect to build your professional profile & career skills, before applying for opportunities.

Alumni Network

Just because you're graduating doesn't mean we stop helping you reach your goals.

Stay connected by joining the Alumni Network