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Student Hub: Student Charter

Student Charter

What is the Student Charter?

Torrens University Australia (TUA) and Think Education have a student-centred approach to teaching, learning, research and scholarship and a commitment to the intellectual and personal welfare of its students.

We aim to provide a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment that enables you to fulfil your academic potential and graduate to make a positive social, economic and cultural contribution to society.

The Student Charter outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student and covers Student Expectations and the student Code of Conduct.

Full details can be found in Sections 5 and 6 of:

Student Expectations

1.1 Fairness

Students can expect to:

  • be treated with courtesy and respect
  • learn in an environment free of discrimination, intimidation and harassment
  • have access to fair and transparent complaints and appeals procedures
  • have their rights respected, including intellectual property rights and their right to privacy
  • be considered for admission on the basis of fair, consistent and transparent criteria
  • have opportunities to provide feedback on their experience at TUA/Think Education
  • have opportunities to participate in the decision-making and cultural life of their institution
  • have freedom to voice alternative views in rational discussion and debate in line with the Academic Freedom-Statement of Principles.
1.2 Learning environment

Students can expect to:

  • have access to a diverse range of high quality learning experiences
  • have access to up-to-date materials, equipment and other resources to pursue their course-related goals
  • have access to counselling, advisory and academic support services
  • receive guidance, instruction and support from qualified staff
  • study in a safe, productive and stimulating academic environment.
1.3 Timely and accurate information

Students can expect to:

  • receive complete, clear and accurate information in relation to content, objectives, workload, timetable, costs and assessment of subjects
  • receive timely and constructive feedback on assessment tasks
  • have access to a clear statement of acceptable academic conduct by students
  • have access to clearly stated policies and procedures
  • have reasonable access to records held about them.

Code of Conduct


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide guidance on the standards of conduct expected of students.

It does not address all possible issues concerning the conduct of students but provides a framework of appropriate behaviour.

If a circumstance or situation arises which is not expressly covered by the Code, students must comply with the underlying principles of the Code.

2.1. Honesty and integrity 

Students are expected to:

  • carry out their studies with honesty and integrity and not engage in academic misconduct
  • inform themselves of, and comply with, TUA/Think Education policies and procedures
  • comply with the conventions of academic scholarship 
  • comply with all laws of the Commonwealth and relevant State
  • participate fully in the learning process, attending classes and submitting assessments 
  • reasonably engage in the course
  • read and respond to all official TUA/Think Education communications in a timely manner 
  • refrain from influencing or appearing to influence academic decisions, including giving gifts
  • pay all TUA /Think Education fees and charges for which they are liable by the set deadline.
2.2. Courtesy and respect

Students are expected to:

  • treat all members of the TUA/Think community with courtesy and respect
  • refrain from behaviour that disrupts others in the safe pursuit of their work or study
  • refrain from conduct that may be detrimental to the reputation of the University and its verticals
  • contribute to the orderly and safe functioning of TUA/Think Education and their verticals
  • respect the opinions of others and their right to express religious or political views
  • refrain from behaviour that could reasonably be considered offensive to others.
2.3. Appropriate use of TUA/Think Education resources

Students are expected to:

  • use TUA/Think Education resources in a manner that is considerate to others 
  • use TUA/Think Education resources for TUA/ Think Education purposes, unless otherwise expressly permitted
  • not wilfully damage or remove property belonging to members of the TUA/Think Education community
  • not participate in any learning activity while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • not use, possess or supply any prohibited drug, substance or weapon on TUA/Think Education premises or while participating in learning activities or representing TUA/Think Education in social or cultural activities
  • not engage in fraudulent or corrupt conduct
  • safeguard their own wellbeing by observing all workplace health and safety procedures
  • obey all reasonable instructions by TUA/Think Education staff.
2.4. Fair treatment

All members of the TUA/Think Education community are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviours whilst on TUA/Think Education premises or undertaking TUA/Think Education activities, regardless of the location of the activities: 

  • harassment, bullying or vilification
  • racial vilification or racist behaviour
  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination on the basis of a personal characteristic such as age, gender, relationship status, pregnancy, sexuality or race
  • discrimination on the grounds of disability or medical condition
  • discrimination on the grounds of religion, political opinion, criminal record (when irrelevant), freedom of movement or trade union activity
  • discrimination on the grounds of family responsibilities
  • discrimination because of an association with someone identified on the basis of a personal characteristic
  • victimisation of any member of the TUA/Think Education community who makes a complaint under the Student Conduct Policy.

For the purposes of this charter, harassment and bullying do not include: 

  • reasonable direction from a staff member
  • fair application of appropriate teaching, including guidance and assessment feedback 
  • implementation, with procedural fairness, of academic or non-academic misconduct procedures.
2.5. Social media

Students must:

TUA/Think Education will act in accordance with the spirit and requirements of relevant legislation and guidelines.

TUA/Think Education may:

  • delete a poster’s comment on any official TUA/Think Education social media account if it violates the provisions of this policy, other relevant policies and/or legislation.
  • modify, delete, suspend, or discontinue (temporarily or permanently): 
    • any official University social media account with or without notice if the University deems that any content posted on these accounts are in breach of the provisions of this policy, other relevant policies and/or legislation.
    • any poster’s access to official TUA/Think Education social media accounts if they have been found to breach the provisions of the Student Conduct Policy, other relevant policies and/or legislation.