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Student Hub: Sports

Sports & Esports

Torrens University Sporting Club

Torrens University Australia (TUA) aims to inspire our students to live a healthy, engaged, and active lifestyle by encouraging involvement in sports at any level. Participating in activity of any kind has a beneficial impact on your confidence, competence, and motivation to be active, as well as your overall well-being.

Our Esports for enthusiastic gamers (professional or casual) is catching on as the popularity of Esports continues to grow. You will have the chance to compete in in-house competitions, against the other universities or on a national level. We are continuously looking for new events and tournaments for you to participate in.

As a member of UniSport Australia, Torrens University has access to many sporting events, national competitions and student opportunities, as well as free online courses.

Esports is aimed to provide a social, casual and competitive aspect to gaming. We intend to offer online leagues on a regular basis and tournaments.

Sports Ambassadors represent their respective campus and work closely with UniSport Australia.

Upcoming activities

Online students are welcome to join any activities at their closest campus.

Come and Try Sessions: All levels of experience are welcome, and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people, have fun, and try out a new sport!