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Student Hub: Student App

Student App

Explore the new features of your Student App

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Subject Selection

Select your subjects or see your course structure.


Your enrolled subjects at a glance. Simply tap on a subject for details on classmates, timetable, lecturer announcements and more.


Class details for each of your subjects with a quick overview in portrait mode. Turn your phone to landscape to see your week at a glance. Tap a class for details of location, time and lecturer.


Access the wealth of resources and information via our Library site.



Lecturer announcements about important class information can be found here.

Contact Us

Find phone and email addresses for our Student Support teams, along with your Success Coach. Tap the phone number or email address and your phone will take care of the rest.


Never miss another important email with your official Office 365® University email incorporated into the app.  


Chat directly with your classmates using our easy Blackboard Message function. Select the subject, select your classmates and send your message.


Updates from your campus and college delivered straight to your phone.


Connect & Explorer our social media.



See all your final grades for your completed subject.


Check your latest assignment scores for current subjects.


Can't remember your student number? Want to make sure we have the right address on file? Tap on your name from the dashboard to check out your personal profile details, and let Student Services know if anything needs to be updated.  


Adjust and customize the app's settings in one easy spot.



We have a great series of one-on-ones each trimester to support you with your study skills, course skills, and wellbeing.

Campus Map

Explorer and find your way around your campus


Direct link through to Blackboard via the app. 


Direct link to the wealth of resources and information via our Library site.

Student Hub

Access all the information and resources on our Student Hub from within the app itself.

What if my subject information doesn’t look right?

If your marks for current subjects don’t match what you think they are, talk to your lecturer. These are pulled from our Blackboard system, so they can check.

For final grade marks, you can read all about the results process and how to query or better understand them on our Results page.

How can I submit a suggestion for future functionality?

We welcome ideas for how to make the App even more useful, please send us an email with your feedback.

Download the app

Download our free handy app to access key resources and information for your studies and connect with your classmates and lecturers.

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Get it on Google Play

Then log in using your Office 365® official university email address.

What can I do on the app?

Our Student App is designed to make it easy to stay on top of your subjects, timetable, messages and more. Check out the list below and download today.