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Student Hub: Blue Mountains - Flinders St

Blue Mountains Campus BannerMelbourne - Flinders St Campus


June is PRIDE month!

The month of June is a very significant one in the PRIDE calendar.  Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognising the influcen LGBT people have had around the world.  June was chosen to honour the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which took place in 1969.

Follow this link to view the Student Hub Pride page and to check out Pride month events.

News and Information


Melbourne Campus – Flinders Street is located right in the heart of Melbourne’s creative and business hub. This campus is where Melbourne based students studying a Master of International Hotel Management attend lectures and tutorials. Students share this campus with other Torrens University students who are studying business, design and health courses. With many iconic hospitality and tourism venues close by, the Campus is well situated for students learning about the industry.

Campus facilities

With a campus located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, everything is at your fingertips. An abundance of cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms and recreation centres are situated nearby. Catching public transport is also convenient with Flinders Street Train Station located just a short three-minute walk away. All trams are free (not only City Circle Tram) in Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone which operates in Melbourne’s CBD and this makes it convenient for students to travel within the city’s boudaries without payment.

Where We Are

Address: 196 Flinders Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Public transport nearby:

Your campus is conveniently located right across from the Flinders Street Station, which services many train lines
​There are trams and buses across the entire city grid for easy transport to and from campus. Familiarise yourself with the route that’s best for you!
You will need a myki to travel on trains, tram and buses in Melbourne and many parts of regional Victoria. Go to to plan your journey and find out about myki.

Campus WiFi

We provide free Wi-Fi at Flinders Street.
Password: thinkb81
We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome web browsers when using the Learning Portal for best results.

You will need a computer for:

  • assessments

  • using the library

  • online resources

  • accessing Sharepoint, learning portal and your student portal.

If you don't have a computer - think about how you'll get access to one for your study.


On-campus students are required to have a laptop with necessary software installed

You should bring your laptop with you to class every day.


Browsing the internet

We recommend using Google Chrome web browser 

The Sharepoint is where you access course material

Download Google Chrome Now.

Printing on campus

You can print directly from your laptop using PaperCut by accessing THINKPrint (http://thinkprint).
1. Log in to THINKPrint
• http://thinkprint
• Use your student ID and My Account password
2. Top up your account if required
• Click the ‘Top Up by Credit Card’ tab
• Enter amount and your credit card details and click ‘Pay Now’
• Your account will be immediately credited – no refunds are available
3. Upload your documents
• Click on the ‘Web Print’ tab and click ‘Submit Job’
• Select the printer name
• Click the button ‘2. Print Options and Account Settings’ and select number of copies
• Click ‘Upload from Computer’ or drag your files in to the gray box - you can only upload file types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PSF and XPS
• Click ‘Upload & Complete’
• Your file will then be sent to the printer queue. Log out of Paper cut
4. Release your print job
• Log in to the printer by swiping your student ID card on the printer’s card device (if you don’t have your student ID card handy you can enter your details manually)
• The machine will give you the option to print, copy or scan. Select ‘Print’
• Select your print job in the list using the touch screen
• Press ‘Print’ and you’re done!
• The cost of your print job will be displayed when the job is selected

IT troubleshooting

For IT troubleshooting, email


Student Safety

To ensure you stay safe on and off campus we recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Avoid being on campus or travelling alone at night
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid dark, vacant and deserted areas
  • If an incident does occur please let a member of staff know so we can support you and work alongside local police to minimise risk and promote safety

Security on campus

After hours emergency - call 000.

  • Wear your student ID card at all times
  • Never leave your belongings unattended
  • Do not bring unnecessary valuables to campus
  • Report suspicious behaviour or anything you feel may be unsafe
  • Report all injuries and incident to Student Services and complete an incident report form
  • If you need assistance or to report any medical conditions, please see Student Services (eg. insulin, asthma inhaler, medication)

Emergency assembly area

In an emergency, please assemble at emergency meeting point: 
The corner of Flinders St and Swanston St, next to St Paul’s Cathedral


Operations & Support Service Information


Faith Support

BMIHMS seeks to create a fun, inclusive and relaxed environment to enjoy sharing your faith by celebrating our cultural, ethnic and faith diversity. To find out more refer to Faith Support - Leura and Faith Support Presentation​, or contact our Faith Coordinator, Dr Zelko Livaic, who will be happy to assist with Faith Support of any Faith type in your unique spiritual journey.


Counselling Services

BMIHMS at Torrens University Australia offers a free supportive, confidential counselling service to students including when they are on placement. Please feel free to contact either of the counsellors to make an appointment  via email 

Rosita Ingham

Paula Owen    

 Counselling is:

  • Free / No fee
  • Confidential, Private, Safe
  • Supportive and Caring
  • Non-Judgemental
  • Non-medicalized approach
  • Strategies and Guidance




What do we do?

•Weekly Careers and Employability classes

•Provide assistant with your cover letter and resume writing

•Interview practice

•Career planning and goal setting for your Industry Placement and beyond

•Group and individual Gallup coaching sessions

•Working closely with Industry Team to organise the GPP Careers Expo, Hotel Recruitment days and hotel tours

•Assisting with volunteer events for students to gain experience


Careers Connect

Careers connect is the platform for all BMIHMS students that gives students the opportunity to explore:

•To submit your cover letter and resume for reviewing by Success Coach Team

•To make an appointment with Success Team for Careers consulting and coaching session

•Volunteer job opportunities to gain experience

•Casual, Part Time and Industry Placement job opportunities

•Unpaid Internship opportunities

•Graduate job opportunities


Visit your Library website:

Chat with your Library


New to using Ebooks?   Want to find a journal article?  Keen to learn more about Referencing? 

Check out our daily Study Success Workshops.

We have many online tools and resources to help you succeed in your studies. As a starting point when seeking academic support, we encourage you to explore these helpful resources.

Academic Skills page on Blackboard: On this page you’ll find the Academic Writing Guide which contains information about academic writing, analysing assessment briefs and the Torrens APA referencing guide. On this page you’ll also see videos and documents related to essay/report writing, reading and note-taking, academic integrity. You can access the Academic Skills page by following the path Blackboard > Student Resources > Academic Skills.

Studiosity: Submit your assessment drafts for feedback on structure, grammar, use of language and referencing. There is also an online chat service where you can ask any questions regarding referencing or assessment structure. Access Studiosity via your subject page on Blackboard, or via the Torrens University Library page. All BMIHMS@TUA students get 10 free touchpoints with Studiosity each term. Please note that Studiosity cannot assist you with content, this is the role of your Learning Facilitator. 

Academic Sills Website: The resources available here are designed to help you to develop the academic skills you will need in order to demonstrate your learning and apply your knowledge in your professional future. 

Study Success Online Workshops 

We’re excited to offer you online workshops to help develop essential study skills. These include time management, critical thinking, referencing and much more. Join an online workshop to learn more about topics such as academic writing, referencing, reading and note-taking, and academic integrity. You don’t need to register for these workshops, just login 5-10 minutes before the session starts.

Contact Us

Student Services 

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm AEST
 (02) 4780 1619


Campus Information


196 Flinders Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Campus Hours 

Mon - Thurs: 7.30am- 9.30pm

Fri: 7.30am - 6pm