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Student Hub: Adelaide


The Adelaide campus is home to Torrens University Australia.

Adelaide campus news and information

Subject Selection is now open!

Classes have limited spaces so make sure you plan ahead and lock in your subjects now.

Enrolling into your subjects is easy! Here's how:

  1. Refer to your course structure
  2. Use the Subject Selection tool within 'My Account' to choose your classes

Meet with your Success Coach for T2 Subject Selections!

Do you have questions about which subjects to enroll into? Do you need help understanding your course architecture?

From Tuesday 23rd April until Friday 3rd of May your Success Coach will be available in the front foyer to meet with you to discuss you subject selections. Please drop by during the below times to have a chat with your Success Coach:

Business Success Coach:

Week 9

Tuesday and Thursday – 1pm – 2pm

Wednesday and Friday – 11am – 12pm

Week 10

Monday to Thursday – 11am – 12pm

Week 11

Monday to Wednesday, Friday – 11am – 12pm

Thursday – 1pm – 2pm


Health Success Coach:

Week 9

Wednesday –  11am - 12pm

 Friday – 1pm - 2pm

Week 10

Wednesday  – 1pm - 2pm

 Friday – 1pm - 2pm

Week 11

Wednesday –  11am - 12pm

 Friday – 1pm - 2pm


We also have a special treat for those of you that enroll into subjects during these weeks (or earlier), simply show your T2 Timetable to one of our Student Advisors on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday during Weeks 9 and 10 to claim it! 

Don’t forget, if you have any questions about your subject selection you can email at anytime

Public Holiday Reminder - Campus Closed

We’d like to remind you that the below dates are Public Holidays in Adelaide and as such there will be NO scheduled classes on these dates:

Friday, April 19th – Good Friday

Monday, April 22nd – Easter Monday

Thursday, April 25th – Anzac Day

Please ensure you check your Blackboard announcements for your scheduled classes to see if/when there are any make-up classes for your subjects that are usually held on these days.

We’d also like to remind you that as the Campus is closed during these dates the afterhours zones will be in effect and you will only have access to the Level 1 facilities via the front entrance on Wakefield Street should you choose to visit the Campus on these dates.

SA Dog Rescue Raffle Fundraiser

Student Services will be hosting some awesome events over the next two weeks and we hope that you’ll be able to show your support for both with a moment of your time and a small donation.

We are currently fundraising for SA Dog Rescue with a raffle prize giveaway –

For a gold coin donation you can go in the draw to win 1 of 3 prizes! Including an Endota Spa Voucher, Hoyts Movie Voucher or a Chocolate Goodie Bag.

Just see the front desk to make a donation and grab a ticket! Hurry before all the tickets go!

Winner will be announced April 29th by phone. 

To further support SA Dog Rescue’s mission we’ll also taking other consumable donations. This foundation runs solely on donations so if you would like to make any further contributions to support their efforts they are currently in need of items such as pet food, toys, collars, leads or kitty litter. Please see Student Services with these donations. 

SRC Meet and Greet

Are you interested in becoming a part of your Wakefield Campus Student Representative Council but not sure what it's all about? Or have you got some suggestions you would like to share with your SRC to improve your student experience here at Torrens University?

Your SRC would like to invite you to an informal Meet and Greet here on Campus: 

An SRC rep is available every Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm  in the Ground Floor Lounge Area during the Trimester. 

In the meantime check out their SRC page via the Student Representative Council (SRC) tab above for more information on what your SRC could do for you. 


Are you a Billy Blue or Media Design School student?

We’re challenging you to think beyond traditional ideas and create the unexpected. To frame your work in a new light. With the streets as your subject, you’re invited to capture your surroundings in a way only you know how. We’re looking for the everyday shown in new and exciting ways.


The brief

Using equipment hired (for free) from the Design Technology Store on campus, or using your own, you will be taking street photography (also known as urban photography). Looking at the everyday lives of people in public places, your photos will need to include an urban setting and a human element. Digital manipulation in post is permitted, but to only enhance the authenticity of the moment captured. Details on applicable adjustments see below under the heading Digital Manipulation*. Open to all design students at Torrens University Australia, Students at Billy Blue College of Design, and Media Design School. You will need to sign up to Frontier to participate and submit. All entries will be shown in the gallery below and later judged for prize-winning submissions. See prizes on Judges will be selected from each campus to ensure fairness. Submissions close midnight 26th April.


Some changes are happening around Campus!


Changes to Afterhours Zones

From February 12th  some changes will affect how students access the building afterhours. Don’t worry, you’ll still have 24/7 access to the campus!


Afterhours Zones during Holiday Periods

From 5pm – 8.30 am Students can access and make use of our facilities on Level 1 via our Wakefield St Entrance using their student building access card to gain entry.

Access to ground floor will be restricted during these times.


Afterhours Zones during Term

Students can access the campus via Roper Street and Wakefield Street from 8am -10pm Monday to Friday. 

From 10 pm – 8 am, students can access the campus via the Wakefield street entrance.ONLY and may access our facilities on Level 1 of the campus. However, access to ground floor facilities will be restricted between 10pm - 8am and all day during the weekend.

To access the building via the front entrance you will need to swipe your building access card against the passkey and open the left hand side door to gain entry. (Please remember to always pull the door closed behind you!)


Some FAQ’s

How to access 

Swipe on entry using your student building access card 

Who can use afterhours zone? 

Students only 

Which areas will students be able to access? 

Students will be able to access the student break out area on level one, the computer lab on level 1 (1.9), 3 meeting rooms (M1.1, M1.2, M1.3) and 3 class rooms on level one (1.4, 1.5, 1.8)  

Which areas are not accessible after campus opening hours? 

Ground Floor 

Academic area on level 1 

Photography Studio on Level 1 and selected class rooms


Changes to your printing services

From February 1st we’ll be changing how you print here at Wakefield Campus. Students will now be able to use our new Paper Cut system to print.  

To get you started we’ll be giving each student a print balance of $10 credit which can then be topped up by you via the Paper Cut machine located on Level 1, next to the Student Kitchen. You’ll be able to use this machine to check your balance and upload more credit (via EFTPOS) using your building access card. Just follow the prompts on screen.


Some FAQ’s

How Do I Pay? 

To pay for printing, students will need to charge their student ID card with $.   

A guide on how to use the machine will be mounted next to each printer and the pay machine located on level one, in the student kitchen area. 

Start up credit 

To get our students started, all students will receive a $10 credit to their Student ID Card to go towards the first prints they need from February onwards. 

How much will each print cost? 

Printing services on campus will be charged at the rates listed below:

Paper Size Colour Black & White Colour Double Sided B & W Double Sided
A4 32 cents 8 cents 44 cents 11 cents
A3 40 cents 10 cents 55 cents 14 cents


Manage time with your superpowers

As we hit the middle of the trimester, one of the most common requests I get as a Success Coach is "Can you please help me manage my time more effectively?"

The first question I ask is "What are your Gallup Strengths?"

When you know how you naturally do things well, you can use those talents like superpowers to do things more effectively. Conversely, they can also be superpowers for evil if you don't know how to manage them.

For example, if you are highly Analytical*, you probably get stuck too deep in the detail when sometimes you need to get something done quickly. 

Focus* will help you clear your workspace of distractions and zero in on one task, with laser focus. Just make sure it's the most important task.

Arranger* will help you get your week in order. Just don't let it arrange your timetable in a rainbow of colours and themes that looks pretty but might not be the best use of your time.

Strategic* will help you plan a way to the finish line and prioritise. Just make sure you limit your planning time, or Ideation might come up with 20 ways to get to the finish of the trimester and burn up valuable time in the process.

*There are 34 superpowers in the Gallup StrengthsFinder platform. Use yours to manage your time and have a successful trimester. If you don't have your Gallup Strengths yet, email us at

Dan Kuss

Success Coach for Business.



Focusing on the positive

Brain research tells us that “the neurons that fire together, wire together”.  What that means is that what we focus on in our mind – grows.  So if we focus on positive things – this will naturally affect our thinking and then our emotions will follow.  However the opposite is also true – if we focus on our failures, mistakes and the problems in our lives – those things will be magnified and amplified.  This will then affect our emotions and bring doubt, fear, anxiety, insecurity, sadness, overwhelm, stress etc.

It is important that we can acknowledge our thoughts and feelings, but we don’t want them to control us and dictate to us.  As we observe and notice our thoughts and emotions with curiosity and kindness – we can then change the focus of our attention to things that are more positive.  One example is focusing on the things we did well rather than the mistakes we made. 

If negative thoughts or emotions are controlling you – it is a good opportunity to come and see your Campus Counsellor.


Rebecca is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays



With a focus on flexibility, collaboration and engagement, the Torrens University Wakefield Campus brings a fresh and career-focused approach to your learning. During your time at Wakefield you can look forward to:

  • Small class sizes with direct access to academic staff
  • Accelerated undergraduate and postgraduate courses to fast-track your career
  • Dynamic online learning with on-demand access to your course materials

Our Campus offers a wide range of campus facilities available to students to help you get the most from your education. Our student facilities include:

  • Chill-out zones
  • Dedicated study areas
  • Hot desks for both staff and students
  • Open plan learning spaces
  • Operable walls to quickly create different zones
  • A digital entry wall to stream live news, events and student work
  • Campus wide Wi-Fi and computer access
  • Resource Centre and Library
  • Student Kitchen Zones with filtered hot and cold water, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, and a vending machine
  • Unique customisable business ‘pods’ where graduates can begin their own business or social enterprise and industry partners can be actively involved

Pulteney Street

Our Pulteney Street campus houses our Diploma of Nursing course.

The Diploma of Nursing is a nationally recognised entry-level qualification for Enrolled Nurses (ENs) in Australia. You will graduate with the essential skills and knowledge to work as an Enrolled Nurse across a range of healthcare settings.

At THINK Health Education we offer a high-quality education that will bring your talents and abilities to life and empower you with the real-world nursing skills you need for success.

How to get here

Both campuses are easy to access by car or public transport. To plan your trip visit Plan My Journey or call 1300 311 108

Wakefield campus

Public transport nearby:

Adelaide station:
Trains: 20 minute walk or short tram ride

Wakefield and Grenfell Streets:
Regular buses a short walk from campus

Victoria Square
Free trams within the CBD
Short walk from campus

Car parking

Secure carparks near theWakefield Campus:

Pulteney Campus

Public transport nearby:

Adelaide station:
12 minute walk


Pulteney Street:
Regular buses run along Pulteney Street


Tram - coming soon
North Terrace extension will have a tram stop near campus

Car parking

Secure carparks near thePulteney St Campus:

  • Wilson Parking CenterPoint Car Park, Pulteney Street and Rundle Street
    Student day rate available with your student ID card
  • UPark 163-185 Rundle Street

Diploma of Nursing

Find your Course Structure document below. Your Course Structure lists the subjects you need to successfully complete to achieve your qualification.

Diploma of Nursing Course Structure   

Student Support

Supporting you through your studies is a high priority for us.

All nursing campuses have staff dedicated to support students such as the Program Coordinator and Learning Advisor.  Counselling services are also available.


Program Managers

Program Coordinators

Clinical Placement Coordinators


Maureen Rogan

Carol Letts

Jan Roper


Sharon Peut

Anastasia Johnson

Olga Dopper


Bianca Rohlje

Jennie Mather (Acting)



Alan Brown

Suzanne Hyde (Acting)

Donna Crosweller (Acting)

Clinical Placement

Students are required to undertake 400 hours of unpaid Clinical Placements which may be located anywhere in Australia.

Clinical Simulation Labs

All nursing students have access to Clinical Simulation Labs where experienced educators will teach required skills and assist in linking theory to practice.  All lab sessions are compulsory. Correct uniform is required to be worn when attending these lab sessions.

Professional behaviour

Uniform Requirements:

  • Think Education Polo Shirt only. NO long sleeve or visible tops under the College Polo.
  • Cardigans/jumpers may NOT be worn whilst on duty.
  • Navy blue/black tailored trousers or skirts - excludes jeans, tracksuit pants, hipsters or cargo pants.
  • Enclosed navy blue or black NON-SLIP shoes as per WHS requirements – NO canvas, joggers or slip on shoes.


  • Must be kept neat, clean and tidy at all times.
  • Long hair must be tied back or fastened in such a manner so as not to hang below the collar.
  • Hair ties, bands, combs and other hair fasteners are to be at a minimal and of a neutral colour or navy.
  • Facial hair – clean-shaven or neatly trimmed beard.
  • Approved headwear must be clean, neat and tidy.


  • Must be kept neat, clean and well-manicured.
  • Fingernails should not be visible over the top of the end of the finger when the hands are held with the palms up.


  • One plain wedding band, one set of sleepers, studs, or small earrings that sit on the lobe of the ear and do not pose a danger to the patient, resident or student are the only items of jewellery to be worn during placement.
  • Facial or other visible body piercing is NOT acceptable. If visible, or stud is non removable, it must be covered by skin coloured tape.

The integration of Chifley Business School into Torrens University is progressing and a special congratulations must go to you the students - you’ve taken the changes in stride and are flourishing academically within the new assessment and module structure.

Missed a Newsletter?

No sweat, read all the issues here:

ATMS transfer to Torrens

The agreement between Torrens University Australia and ATMS has now come to an end in its current format.

If you wish to continue studying online subjects with TUA in Trimester 3 2018, then you will be required to contact by 11:30am on Friday 8th September 2018 with your subject selection. You will also be required to pay $925 per subject enrolment in Trimester 3 directly to Torrens University Australia.

The subjects available for selection in Trimester 3 are listed in the section Completing your course at Torrens University Australia below.

At the end of Trimester 3 2018, you need to decide whether you wish to continue your studies with Torrens University Australia (TUA) as an online student, or transfer to SBS.

If you decide to study with TUA, you need to contact TUA before 31st December 2018, to receive a scholarship which will reduce the fees from $2612.50 to $1985.50 per subject enrolment. After this date, the fees will be charged at the standard rate of $2612.50 per subject enrolment.

Transition Unit

If you need to complete the Transition Unit, then you need to email with your Transition enrolment date preference 1 week prior to the start of your selected study period:

  • Monday 16th July 2018
  • Monday 17th September 2018

(Please be aware that these are the last two sessions being offered. So please ensure that you enrol onto one of the above sessions if you require the Transition Unit to complete your award. This subject is now charged at the standard MBA subject rate.)

If you are unsure whether you need to complete the Transition Unit, then please contact

The list of online subjects will be available from 6th August 2018. You will be required to pay Torrens University directly $925 per subject (including the Transition Unit) in 2018.

From January 2019, if you wish to continue studying with TUA, then you will need to become an TUA online student.

Students will be provided with a transcript on request at a cost of $55 payable directly to TUA. Transcripts will be couriered to ATMS.

Student email account

Please remember that all correspondence from the University will only be sent to your student email account. If you are encountering any issues, then please contact

Library Access

Please ensure you access the TUA Library, and if you have any questions or issues relating to any of the Library Services, then please email the Librarian Lily

Academic support

Andrea Rivett is our Learning and Academic Skills Lecturer and can be contacted on


Trimester 3, 2018 enrolments have now opened. Visit Subject Selection to find out more about the re-enrolment process. See the next section for further information about specific course and subject requirements.

The trimester commences of the 17 September 2018. 

What are my options?

In the previous communication we offered the following options:

  • Transfer to Swiss Business School (SBS) or University of Wales (credit will be given for successfully completed TUA subjects).
  • Transfer to Torrens University Australia and study as an online student.

The following information is predominantly relevant to MBA students, but may be relevant to Graduate Certificate students wishing to progress to the MBA.

In addition to these options, we are pleased to offer the following options:

  • Students who wish to graduate with an MBA degree from Torrens University Australia (TUA)can gain credit for up to six subjects completed through the Swiss Business School (SBS).

To be granted credit for completed SBS subjects and gain a Torrens MBA, students must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 6 subjects through Torrens University.
  2. Complete a total of 12 MBA subjects (All 8 Core & 4 Electives).

Six Torrens core subjects have direct SBS equivalent subjects:

There are two Torrens MBA core subjects that have no SBS equivalent, and will need to completed with Torrens directly on-line:

  • MGMT6011 - Strategic Management Capstone
  • MGMT6002 - Influencing and Making Decisions

Completing your course at Torrens University Australia.

If you do wish to complete your course with TUA you need to know:

  • Firstly, you will become an online student and access your course materials, assignments and facilitator all via Blackboard, which is our student learning portal.
  • The second change will be that we operate 3 trimesters each year. Each trimester lasts 12 weeks.

The forthcoming Trimester dates are listed below:


Schedules are the CBS combination of Academic Calendar and Timetables.


Wait a minute … What about my E-communities and the Chifley Student Portal?

Both the e-communities and Chifley Student Portal will be active for Term 1 of 2016 (Jan 4 2016 – Feb 15 ) for Flex, ATMS and IBBM intakes. You will be able to submit your assignments for this study period and view results.

However, from 15 Feb 2016 all learning will occur via Torrens‘ learning platforms.

So who do I contact now when I need help?

Both the Torrens Wakefield and the Chifley Transition team are here to help.​

Torrens Student Services

What happens if I am finding all the changes a bit much?

We are here to help you. There is a special space set up on the Wakefield hub for Chifley Students. All important key dates, changes and resources for Chifley student for transition to TUA platforms will be available here. We’ll also be keeping you regularly updated on forth coming changes through our weekly communications.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

We are a collective of volunteer students that advocate for positive change in the student community and strive to create an inclusive and dynamic study environment.

Here's what we're about

As students, we're all here to gain skills and pursue our career goals. The ability to bring our thoughts and ideas directly to management, and to exist in an inclusive community can help make our study experience great.

Your Student Representative Council (SRC) works together to make our community a better place. We achieve this by working within our three pillars: Community, Advocacy and Decision Making.

We do things like:

  • Bringing community events to life
  • Hosting fundraising initiatives
  • Helping the campus make better decisions for students
  • Advocatingand representing the student body

Your feedback is important

To fulfil our role as student advocates, we need to hear from you.

Share with us your thoughts, comments and suggestions on how we can make your student experience even better.

Provide feedback to your SRC

Joining the SRC is a great way to get involved in your community, meet awesome people, build your leadership skills and contribute to helping the student body get heard.

What is being an SRC member like?

Great question! And we're glad you asked it. Watch the short video below to get a taste for SRC life.

Perks of joining the SRC

Being an SRC member comes with its share of rewards. Not only are you able to make lasting friendships and have an impact on your community, you will also benefit from:

  • A chance to develop your leadership skills
  • Actively working to make your campus a great place to be
  • Learning about teamwork and developing your organisational skills
  • Being able to access exclusive development workshops for SRC members
  • Being formally recognised for your contribution to the campus and Torrens community

To join our SRC please send an email registering your interest with your contact details to:


Computer access

You'll need to have access to a computer and the internet while you study to:

  • complete your assignments,
  • access online resources and
  • use Blackboard and My Account.

You will also need a set of standard software packages and reasonably good computer skills.

There are limited student computers available for use on campus - you can access any computer located on your campus. As these are shared computers, avoid using them to save or access personal documents.



Campus printers are available for student use -follow the steps in this document to get started.

Students can access our printing facilities on Campus using our Paper Cut system. 

The Paper Cut machine is located on Level 1, next to the Student Kitchen. You can use this facility to check your balance and upload additional printing credits (via EFTPOS) using your building access card, simply follow the prompts on screen.

Printing services on campus are charged at the rates listed below:

Paper Size Colour Black & White Colour Double Sided B & W Double Sided
A4 32 cents 8 cents 44 cents 11 cents
A3 40 cents 10 cents 55 cents 14 cents

Pulteney Street

Contact student admin for printing queries.


Free Wi-Fi is available on campus.

We recommend that you use Google Chrome when using the Learning Portal for best results.


Select the Stu-WiFi network. Your logon details are:

Username:Student ID number (e.g. 00123456T)
Password:The password you created when setting up your student office 365)


Pulteney Street

Select theThink Wireless network and enter the password thinkb81

Learning portal (Blackboard)

If you are having difficulties with the learning portal please email

For out of hours assistance, Blackboard offers 24/7 phone support: phone 1800 083 204 or check Blackboard's FAQs.

Software and hardware

For computer troubleshooting, hardware or software issues, installations and configuration, help with AV equipment and printer set up or maintenance please contact


To ensure you stay safe on and off campus we recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Avoid being on campus or travelling alone at night
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid dark, vacant and deserted areas
  • If an incident does occur please let a member of staff know so we can support you and work alongside local police to minimise risk and promote safety.
  • If your car is in the car park and you know you will be leaving after dark, try to move your car to a closer place earlier in the day


After hours emergency, call 000.The closet police station is located at 176 Grenfell St, Adelaide. If you see anything or feel threatened in any way please make your way to the police station if possible or call 131 444.

  • Wear your student ID card at all times
  • Never leave your belongings unattended
  • Do not bring unnecessary valuable to campus
  • Report suspicious behaviour or anything you feel may be unsafe
  • Report all injuries and incident to Student Services and complete an incident report form
  • If you need assistance or to report any medical conditions, please see student services(Eg. insulin, asthma inhaler, medication)

Designated Assembly Area

The designated assembly area for each campus is noted below


Outside the police station on Wakefield Street

Pulteney Street

In Hindmarsh Square - 16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000

Loading ...

Contact us

1300 575 803
Torrens University:

1300 209 112
Think Education:


Nursing contacts

1300 017 263
 THINK Health:

Campus information


Ground floor, 82-98 Wakefield St, Adelaide

Campus hours

During term

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 7.00pm
Student access: 24/7 access

During term break

Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5.00pm

Student Services hours

During term

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 7.00pm

During term break

Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5.00pm


Level 1, 22 Pulteney St, Adelaide

Campus hours

During term

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 5.00pm

During term break

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 5.00pm

Student Services hours

During term

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 5.00pm

During term break

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 5.00pm

Your Student Services team can help with:
  • Enrolment and subject selection
  • Applying for leave, special consideration and extensions
  • Contacting support services
  • ... and much more