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Student Hub: Success coaches

Success Coaching: focused on your study and career success from day one

The Success Coach Team takes a strengths-based approach to engage with and motivate you for study and career success.

They help you successfully navigate the educational landscape, and build personal and professional capability to improve your employability outcomes.

Every new student is allocated a Success Coach

Your Coach will stay with you for the duration of your course.

Your Success Coach understands your course structure, your industry and your profession, and is there to give you expert advice on navigating your way through your study and connecting you to your desired career goals..

Your Success Coach will: 

  • Provide advice on course enrolment, subject selection and course progression, including mapping student pathways and developing study plans.
  • Provide advice on how your degree program relates to your overall employability and career goals.
  • Ensure you are connected to the correct support service available, including Academic Skills, Counselling, Disability Support, ATSIC Support and Library Services 

Giving you the edge

Your Success Coach is a qualified industry professional in their relevant field of study, able to enhance your professional credibility and give you the inside edge on how to develop your career into something you love doing.  Your Coach will:

  • Provide career coaching – helping you build self-awareness of your natural talents so you can articulate and leverage them to become strengths

  • Get you job-ready – giving tips and advice on topics such as resume and cover letter writing, online branding and successful interview techniques

  • Introduce you to​ Careers Connect, our online platform where employers advertise internships, work placements, casual jobs and graduate jobs exclusively for you

How do I know who my Success Coach is?

Your Coach will contact you at the start of your course, whether you’re studying on-campus or online, and provide their contact details.  

Alternatively, you can email with any questions.


  • If you are studying the Diploma of Nursing, your Success Coach is your Program Coordinator 
  • If you are studying Diploma of Travel and Tourism, please contact

Ready to meet?

Sessions with Success Coaches can take place in person or online and typically run for 30 to 45 minutes.

Get in touch here

There for you

Your success coach is part cheerleader and part problem-solver. 

Your coach is dedicated to your success.

Their first priority is to make sure you are connected, motivated and engaged in your learning.

Reach out if you find you've hit a wall or need some guidance to stay on track.

Excited? Got a question

Request an appointment or ask a question here.